Is this large Soho hobo truly rare?

  1. I have this purse. I use it sometimes and love it. It slips off my shoulder though so I'm going to buy those shoe heel sticky things to put in the strap. Anyway, is it a rare bag because I found one on eBay finally and even the auction states it as rare.
    I was going to try to sell it so I can afford a patent leather ergo but now I think I should keep it.
  2. I didn't think those were rare.. I could be wrong though. :shrugs:
  3. I think the other sizes weren't rare but even I had a hard time finding this in XL, took me two months to finally see one on eBay back when I bought it 4 mos. ago.
  4. that could be. If you waited so long to get it and you like it, I would keep it! If you don't use it as much, maybe since it is rare you could sell it for more. :okay:
  5. I think the style is fairly common but you don't see many of the XL's out there. I think it's rare to find one on ebay but I don't think they're rare as in LE.
  6. My DH doesn't like this bag, he thinks it's ugly & calls it a banana bag. I like the way it has so much leather that casually drapes around looking so hippie-chic. I love the wide strap, too.
  7. i would keep it its a nice bag
  8. Thank you, I wanted to hear someone say it is nice. I was thinking maybe it's too plain to be a bag that coachies go ga-ga over. Sometimes less is more, huh? I am keeping it I've decided, but that means I can't get another bag for a long time. Oh well, I've got my sights set on a bleecker mini wallet, that's something to lust after for now!:nuts:
  9. I actually really like that....
  10. I love that bag, I have learned to ignore what my hubby says, he thinks all the sig stripe tote bags look like "Shower totes"

    Keep it, it is really a nice bag.
  11. I love that bag. It is a classic style ! I wish I bought it when it came out, it was on my wishlist ! I would definitely keep it !
  12. I like the bag too. :yes: I also liked that one in the signature and my dh thinks it looks like a canteen that you take out camping.. remember those? Men are lame! :p It's a cute bag!!!! :tup:
  13. Husbands can be funny sometimes in what they say about our bags! lol
    You know, I just noticed that the auction for the bag like mine says it has tan lining. The lining in MY bag is pure black. Yikes! Should I be concerned about the authenticity? I bought mine on ebay but it came with a gift receipt & looks absolutely real to me.
  14. I like that bag. I have the medium in black sig and it's a great purse - sometimes less IS more - I tend to go with bags that have less going on, and dress them up with keyfobs/scarves, which I can take off if I need to - not always appropriate depending on who I'm meeting with. :smile:
  15. how funny - i am listing mine for sale this weekend - i figure i have not used it all year - time to sell.