Is this KOOBA SIENNA real?

  1. Please look:

    eBay: Kooba Sienna Tan Camel Sand Leather NWT Retail $645 NWT (item 320078648516 end time Feb-07-07 11:08:32 PST)

    I asked this same question at one of the clothing/accessory forums at eBay, and somebody mentioned they thought it was fake because the whipstitching on the left portion of the bag (not the actual handle, but the leather strip that's against the body of the bag) runs the opposite direction from the whipstitching on the rest of the bag. It runs downward, instead of upward like the rest. But, I found a Sienna at Bergdorf Goodman that had stitching running the opposite direction like that. So, I don't know if that's a good way to determine whether or not the bag is real or fake.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    ALSO, the seller stated that the first picture makes the bag look wayyy too light. It's actual color is more like the other various pictures.

  2. I personally would not buy this bag. Too many negatives. For one, I won't buy a larger priced item from someone with only 1 feedback. There is no track record to check. Plus, that appears to be a vinyl zipper inside the bag. It should be metal. The seller doesn't have a definative color on this bag meaning he doesn't quite know the product he is selling. I don't think Kooba made a camel colored bag and they did not make a Sienna in Sand either. Maybe Desert Sand but I'm not sure they made a Sienna in that, and the color on the bag doesn't seem to match it anyway. It's just not a feel good auction to me.

    Oh...and they don't accept paypal.
  3. Yeah the zipper does look plastic.
    So Kooba only uses metal zipper/zipper tracks in their purses?
  4. It looks fake to me.
  5. All the newer Koobas that I know of all have metal zippers. All 13 of mine do with the exception of a 2005 Tatum bag I have. In the older smaller bags some of the inside zippers were not metal and especially in the bags with the colorful floral or Kooba printed lining you will find vinyl zippers. But I have never seen a non metal zipper in a real Sienna.

    The Siennas are still a really sought after bag so you will have to pay some bucks for a real one. They are also the most highly counterfieted Kooba which makes ebaying for them hard.

    ELuxery has a black or borwn Embossed Sienna for 449.00

    eLUXURY - Kooba - KB Lrg Floral Emboss, markdown
  6. Better yet, Revolve has it for much less. I know it's different from the traditional Sienna but these are on sale now in many places.
    Kooba Embossed Flora Sienna in Brown at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping!

    Gosh, and I think all first time buyers from Revolve get the 30% off discount. That would be a real deal! I didn't even use a code. I didn't know I was going to get 30% off until I placed my order. It was a nice surprise.
  7. Lexie, I actually have the 30% off coupon for Revolve. I was thinking about purchasing the Carla in Butter, but isn't the Carla bag really, really big? I like nice sized handbags, but, not HUGe ones!! LOL I don't need to lug a suitcase around with me...

    I also like the red Blush B-Lush bag that Revolve has on sale for $209 (I think).
  8. Neimans had a floral embossed whiskey colored Sienna in the $350 range last week. Check them out.
  9. I have a Maria which is Carla's little sister bag. It's so perfect. The only Maria I see on Revolve is a Metallic brown (which I think is quite pretty).
    Maybe someone in here has a Carla and can tell you about the size. I know the Maria would be too small for some people.