is this just runway?

  1. i just got through watching the fall/winter 06/07 line, and i'm not to what will be made. I know the miroir line is, but i saw monogram mixed with animal print and gold? going to be made? Personally, i really really reallly dislike it.

    does anyone know? :amuse:
  2. This will be runway only but available for purchase..I think you have to put money down on them. Maybe that was just the clutch and the headphone bag though. Anyway no, it won't be available in the stores.
  3. thank you :amuse:

    i saw that & it was kind of...uh shocking? :blink:
  4. runway only but made avilable for puchase.
  5. those are one of the ultimate lines & you have to put half down before the store will order it for you. They are not my cup of tea & most looked to be fairly huge bags for the most part. There is a MC Fur line also.
  6. [​IMG] As much as I love LV and leopard print I think that this bag is hideous. It just has too much going on. There's monogram, snake skin, gold and tortoise shell. It looks like an okay idea that went bad.


  7. Here are the runway pictures and the last is one that's along the same lines, stylewise:
  8. It reminds me a bit of those "creative fakes" on ioffer. But hey, if someone gave it to me, I'd accept it:P
  9. Lol I can't wait to see how disgusting the fakes of this one will be. They're hilarious nowadays when they try to copy the runway bags (i.e. Fringe and my Denim Chinchilla Demi Lune)..yuck :sick:
  10. ^omg, true. But then again, at we'll get a lot to laugh about in the worst fake-thread :P
  11. LOL yea haha.

    i love that smilie a couple posts up, that made me lol.

    and it does remind me of those fakes so hmm