Is this just an older version Kooba?

  1. I recently purchased a rose (real light pink) Kooba Chiara on eBay.

    It was slightly used but when I got it, I loved it. Super soft leather, everything seemed really nice.

    But then...

    I was scrolling around eBay and I noticed another listing for a Chiara, in a sand color, and it had a purple suede lining inside, with a metal zipper pull..

    Mine has a dark brown lining with Kooba written all over it with a leather zipper pull. <.<

    Is mine fake?

    This is the auction...if this isn't supposed to be here, feel free to take it down.
  2. i know that kooba has changed their linings and older ones have that lining with kooba written on it

    but i dont know authentic or not,,, wait for the kooba queen she will come !:smile: and she will tell u!
  3. The bag looks great. These bags came out during their lining change time. I always liked the Chiara in Blush and the lining is the former lining they used. The lining before that was striped or floral. Both leather and metal zipper pulls are authentic depending on the bag year or season. I think the Sand color was a reissue on that bag which would explain why the lining switched to ultrasuede.
  4. Love that bag! Great buy, congrats :smile:
  5. Thanks! I love it. It's currently curled up in its dustbag though!

    Thanks for the information. I knew that the older linings had the Kooba written all over it, so I didn't even think about it until I started seeing all the suede linings.

    I appreciate the inspection. Thanks!
  6. Get that puppy out of the dustbag and show her off!

    I like it. *s
  7. what a great bag for the season! break that bag out and USE it!