Is this juicy bag real?

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  1. Pretty bag. I don't know if it's real though. Your friend would probably need more pics for anyone here to tell.
  2. I don't know much about Juicy Couture, but I don't recall them ever making faux-ostrich bags.
  3. Ditto-I've never seen Juicy make a bag like that! I have one and the dust bag is light blue flannel with two leather hearts on the strings-I know mine is real as I bought it at Saks. I saw lots of replicas when I googled Juicy handbags!:confused1:
  4. My daughter luvs Juicy, and is always looking at them giving me ideas of what to buy her - I've never seen a Juicy bag in Ostrich leather, but I guess it could be some kind of Ltd Ed. I did a google search of "Juicy Couture, Ostrich" and the only handbag that came up was this ebay listing. Maybe she can contact Juicy Couture to see if they ever made a bag in Ostrich leather.

  5. NOT - i wouldnt buy it.
  6. I know this is late, but I've never seen a Juicy Purse that looked like that!
  7. Well she bought it...and loves it. Said it's quality through and through. She called Juicy and they said they didn't make a faux ostrich bag but had to investigate to make sure, so she is sure it is real now. Oh well. She buys without really putting any thought into authenticity. Kinda like.....Well the auction said it was real then it must be.

    She's one of the people who if the bag looks good then we don't care if it's fake I guess :sad:
  8. Well I can't say I am any expert - but I do have developed a vast knowledge after years of following years of Juicy Couture... I hope the info I provide here is somewhat useful to someone

    This was one of the earliest styles of Juicy Couture Leather bag, I have seen this stye in person in black smooth leather when it first came out, as well as a baby blue smooth leather one on sale at Century 21 when I went on a trip to NYC last year (the black made the bag look really really mature, which wasn't really fitting with the image they were typing to maintain for the brand, so they weren't really that popular) - retail was around the mid to high $300 range - the other one is a big shoulder shopper tote that looks somewhat like a Hermes Birkin (only somewhat).

    I have seen this type of leather, again really long time ago (but in a baby blue) on other small Juicy Accessories - like a cylinder makeup clutch.

    So putting the 2 and 2 together - it is possible that JC has made this bag in this type of leather. Too bad it is only 1 picture - she should check the tag inside, and the lining - but considering what you told me about your friend Lexie, I don't think she would really care...

    So far, to my knowledge, I would worry about getting fake Juicys if I am looking for a (note that the styles are the most popular styles):
    - Daydreamer
    - velour bowler, anything velour, for that matter - such as wallets, pet carriers, etc
    - baby fluffy, both in the leather or the velour ones are extensively counterfieted
    - many of the leather bags that was released last year with the lavender lining (Bridget or Jen, the Lady D, and the P & G satchel)
  9. Thanks Ten! Much appreciated. So maybe the bag is real. But, like you said, she doesn't really care. This is a girl that has about 30 Prada purses in her closet (all bought for teeny amounts) but she is 100% sure they all are real. After all...the auction said so. And after all, it had the triangular silver emblem. And this is the same girl who found on ebay a packet of 10 Prada metal emblems for a few bucks. Bought them and attached them to the tops of her black high heels.
    Fashion at its best!
  10. I had one of those JC "Birkin" totes in light blue (found it on clearance at Fields) - It was kinda cute but it weighed a TON! I used it once or twice, then ended up selling it for 2x what I paid for it!!!

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  11. Good stuff!

    For the longest time, I keep seeing this auction for a white one that would never sell - I remember the seller is from Canada and her auction is in Canadian dollars and she would start her bid at $500 cad - really.... it won't sell!
  12. hahahahah,this is hilarious!! i never knew people would actually do that. i guess whatever makes her happy?:roflmfao:
  13. I am glad that this thread is back, because I was trying to find it to add something. I still can't say for sure if this bag is real, because I know nothing abut Juicy. However, I was at the mall last week, and I saw a woman carrying a bag in this shape, but it was Dooney! It was in the multicolor IT bag canvas, and it had the chain on the flap and everything!
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