Is this job worth it?? I really need advice.

  1. I am graduating college in about 4 weeks!! I had a job interview a MONTH AGO. It's my own fault... I just wanted to do one thing at a time and not apply to a bunch of different places all at once.

    I had my interview, and it sounded good. They said to me I'd find out exactly after the following week because the next week the person was going on vacation. So I got into contact with them at the beginning of the week they got back and they told me it depends on if they get a certain client whether or not they'd be able to pay me, and that they would tell me the next week, which is this week. And I heard from him yesterday. Said I'd start out ONE DAY A WEEK while I'm still in school supposedly and that they couldn't pay me as much as my last internship (this is NOT for an internship...)

    He is driving me crazy, I am so stupid for not applying other places. He wants to pay me less than what my last internship was which would be low.
    And wants to start me off at 1 day a week while I'm in school, which he brushed that past me at the very beginning, but I wonder, does he realize that after I give my 2 weeks notice at my current job it's going to leave me with 1-2 weeks of that?

    Like I wonder if he'll pay me really low. And what if he doesn't give me full time hours when I'm out of school?

    He's calling tonight because he wants to see some more of my work. More layout kinds of things which I do mostly logotypes and have told him that when all I had to show are logotypes, so it's a huge pain because tonight I have to bang out a few things to show him if tomorrow is even okay to see him.

    If tomorrow isn't I probably won't meet with him again until Tuesday and Thursday is TG. I can only meet with him T/TH because it's my availability during the day because of work and school.

    Like I feel as if I totally screwed myself over and have been DESPERATE when I don't need to be.
    I don't think I should be paid less than my last internship was (again, this isn't for an internship) and just his personality, he's all over the place... I mean this whole process has taken a month-- so far.
    I still have to talk with him and he said he'd contact me today, which means LATE so I'm stuck waiting. I call him first but he said he would be calling me for me to find out and now wants to see all kinds of other work that I have to create to be done for tomorrow if it's still okay.

    Sorry if this was long, but am I being too picky? Would I be stupid if I change my mind about this place? It's tough also because I need to be full time to receive benefits and not be penalized come January. My current job I'd probably have to transfer because they don't have the hours, but they know I'm looking so they might not want to invest any more time in me.

    I feel like I'm in trouble though.. I mean, is a month normal where they keep getting back to you? Is that too long? I just feel like I'm going through an awful lot of trouble just to find out if I actually have the job... which is really important.

    Also, what if I'm hired and I hate it (hate it as in my fears are true about my impression of this guy/place)? Would it be horrible for me to leave a month later if I found another job? Is this normal to do when you're just starting out?
  2. is there a chance you could start the new job and keep your current job as a part time job? or get the new job.. and find a different part time job. the guy does seem kinda spacey but hey, i guess it's experience, and in that field jobs seem pretty hard to come by. i do graphic design as my day job and then have a part time job in retail. i applied for job 4-5 months before i graduated and found nothing related to graphic design. i have this job because of a friend. generally it's all about connections! (even my professor said that while we were in school)
  3. I actually found out about this one through a connection too, haha. And my previous 2 internships from other connections, so then I wonder if I'll have a really hard time anyway... definitely connections.

    I am hoping I could keep my current job, they do need the help. Or I could switch days around easily, that's definitely true. I have my focuses so much on moving forward that I haven't really thought of that much but it may be what I have to do for a bit. I worry too if he says I could go full time when I'm out, that 1, I'd hate it with my impressions being correct and be stuck with just that, or 2, he'd keep making me wait. Maybe 1 day a week could be a trial period for me as it probably is for him...
    But then again, I need health insurance, aggh. And I wouldn't be getting it from either one I don't think because I'd be way under hours.

    I always hoped I'd be the one with the job set up for when I get out and I am trying so hard to make that happen =\ And worried it may not be what I envisioned !

    thanks :smile:
  4. Don't forget that new graduates rarely ever get hired right away (unless you are finishing a Master's degree at a competitive school). Keep in mind that if you are already having doubts about this job, it may be even worse when you actually start. It already sounds like you're pressed for time, so when would you be able to interview again? Also, I am pretty confident that more employers start looking again after the holidays. IMO, you should enjoy your time off in between school, holidays, and your First Real Job, because things will NEVER be the same after you graduate and enter "The Real World"....
    On the other hand, don't be so picky as to turn everything down that comes your way. Your first job WILL probably suck, but it should at least be something you are proud to announce to your friends and family as your First real job. Good luck kiddo!
  5. agh, I'm so unsure. I don't mind if it's boring, that much I know because my last internship was SOOOO hellishly boring I couldn't stand it... but they paid me well. Now this one demands a lot more time and effort and they want to pay me less.

    They have been calling me late, like after 6 and around 7 each time... not available to answer during the day. I mean I still don't know if tomorrow is even good for them to meet with me, meanwhile I've bought myself some RedBull and called FedEx Kinko's to make sure whatever I bring to them late tonight will be done for tomorrow since they want to see more... Like I brought them everything I had so I'm making new things tonight.

    I just talked to my mother and even she is telling me "well is this going to be worth it" in response to them paying me less...

    I'm getting concerned about the insurance though but I may be able to fix that through my current job...

    I hate to admit it but I was unsure about this place from day one... should I mention to him when he calls me about my next meeting with him that I'm unsure if the pay situation will work? Because it's really not enough, it's less than my last internship... and he stressed me out. I hate to admit it. I have been unsure the whole way =\
    I have 2 more connections though, I could interview as soon as next week, but probably the week after because it gets hairy with TG.

    From your experiences, should I maybe try other places since I'm having such a huge dilemma? Is it okay that maybe a job in my field might not be for me...?
    I'm honestly looking for a way to feel better about not being sure about this place... and I wonder if this is a sign that it could be a bad match.

    Thanks so much for the advice! :smile:
  6. Its not that the field is not right, but it's starting to sound like that particular opportunity may not be the right one for you right now. Remember that if you will be taking a significant pay cut, your next job interview at another company will ask how much you were making before. This can undermine your pay potential. Also, have you thought about relocating or keeping an open mind as to Where you would be willing to take a job? Don't worry that this is the only position that is being offered to you now. I have plenty of friends who turned down job opportunities even for more money than they were making because they felt that company wasn't where they wanted to be, or didnt have enough growth potential. Make sure you aren't backing yourself into a corner with this part time job. If you realllllly need the money, what about working part time in retail or something that you love while you are applying for serious positions? Like I said, after the Holidays, employers start looking to fill positions especially if their fiscal year is based on the calendar year as well. They will know what they can afford to spend on employees after Jan 1. Keep your head up, you'll figure it out. :balloon:
  7. Coach Superfan thank you so so so sooo much for your comment, it's really been helpful. I don't know a lot about a situation like this and I haven't felt good about it from the start... from the interview, that early even.

    I called my mother up because she hasn't heard much of this since then as not much has happened... and of all people (I didn't expect this from her) she agrees that it may not be a good fit and to worry about getting benefits through my current job and not worry if I get a job in my field in 2 months instead of 4 weeks from now.

    Tonight, if this guy even calls me, because it's 7:00 now. I have always called first but he said no he would call me, and he calls late. But I am going to tell him I have thought it over and am not sure because of the pay and I know it's for "entry level" (which he's talking way below that) and maybe I can come back to him later... don't think I would but to just decline.
    I have felt like I am doing that, backing myself into a corner, saying yes to everything just to get in there...

    I feel bad if he sets time aside for me tomorrow but I would be wasting more of his time and mine... but if I go I would be even furthermore.
    The thought of declining is giving me the feeling of a giant weight being lifted off my shoulders, but I always thought I should accept anything.

    Thanks again so much for your advice, I really appreciate it :smile:
  8. I'm glad you're starting to sort out your thoughts and feelings as to how you're really feeling about this.. I agree, definitely let him know that right now won't work for you but ask him to keep you in mind for any positions in the future. Good for you! Enjoy the rest of your time in school and have a good Holiday season!
  9. I met with him today and he looked at some more of my work that I finished up latenight last night.
    He told me he'd not be able to hire me full time as it turns out... at my initial interview their eyes (he had someone else come in for the first interview) lit up about me being available full time in December... and saying oh great, perfect, yes.

    I feel like I've been strung along... next week, next week. He wants me to call him after next week and so I can come in to see something they're working on. He briefly mentioned freelancing, which I wouldn't mind and I'd do it either there or at home. But I feel like I'm being sucked in, like it really doesn't feel right.

    He talks to me like I don't know anything about this field, like the pay, the hours... 2-3 hour days for someone right out of college? Under $15 an hour, when I made more than that as an intern LEARNING... he'd probably pay me next to nothing for freelancing and try to tell me that's how it is except I've had an entire course on this and everything. Or be like okay make this and if I like it we'll use it and maybe pay you.

    So, it was closure in a way because now I feel better about it and it's nothing official but it's a contact to see where it goes if I feel to.

    He told me to work on a couple things to show him, I'll do it because they'd make good portfolio pieces anyway to show somewhere else, but it's like... there's no definite anything, like do this and maybe we'll see kind of stuff.

    So, moving on to something else now.... hopefully something will happen soon with someplace else. I fortunately have other places to contact but now I feel so rushed.

    thanks for all of your advice!
  10. I think you need to follow your gut instinct on this job. It does not sound good. It also sounds like this guy is kind of unprofessional with the calling you and telling you next week. I don't think being underpaid and one day a week is a positive way to start a career. I would look for other opportunities. I am sure he is not the only job out there. From past experience don't settle for a job you just don't feel right with---it never works out and you end up wasting time and energy.
    Good luck.