Is this jacket appropriate?

  1. Hi everyone.
    I need an honest opinion... I'm an 18 years old guy and I was wondering if I should buy a Burberry jacket very similar to this one and my question is... Is the jacket appropriate for my age or is it a little too "wanna be grown up"?
    I really don't know I I would appreciate your help... :shrugs:

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I happen to like that jacket a whole lot. I don't think it's too "wanna be grown up".
  3. I think it looks appropriate for your age , you should definitely get it :yes:. I think you tend to be safer with neutral coloured jackets.
  4. Looks good to me too! :yes:
  5. No, it looks perfect! Not "I wanna grow up" so much as "I AM grown up", IMO.
  6. Okay everyone... I decided I'm gonna get it later this afternoon! Thank's for your opinions ;)
  7. Mate, I honestly won't get it. But that's just my opinion. =)
  8. I hope you got it!

    At 18 you're supposed to be grown up. A nice looking grown up 18 year old is a lot more attractive to a good-looking 18 year old woman (or man) than a really sloppy looking 18 year old. This applies whether you're ending high-shcool, in college, or out working.

    I think too many people don't see themselves as "grown up" at 18. I've noticed the newspapers will call an 18 yr old a "girl" if she is in college or lives with her parents, but a "woman" if she has her own apartment and a job and she lives on her own. I have always considered 18 as adult.
  9. Wow, I went off on a tangent. Sorry for hijacking your thread.
  10. I think it's a pretty mature look. I'd personally go for something a little younger looking, if I were you. :yes:
  11. I think that jacket looks great for any age it doesnt look to grown up or too young GET IT!
  12. I agree!:yes:
  13. agree !
  14. Okay... so I went to the Burberry store today... and ended up not buying that jacket... I tried it on and it just wasn't "me".
    I ended up buying a yellow (yes... yellow) rain jacket! I probably won't have many oportunities to use it but I thought... "What the hell! I love it! I gotta have him :p".
    I'll post pick pictures later (I don't know where my digital camera is) ;)
  15. ^^Can't wait for pics =)