Is this jacket a keeper? Please help!

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  1. I received this jacket as a gift and am not sure whether to keep it or try selling it on eBay. I love the style but I don't like the fabric (95% cotton, 5% spandex) because it seems flimsy and cheap to men. Should I keep it or sell it? If I keep it, what kind of shoes would work with it? Thanks!

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  2. I love it. I'd probably wear it with black pants and black pumps, but I wear everything with black.
  3. Oh my god, I was contemplating buying that EXACT jacket the other day! In white or that color. I decided against it, it isn't expensive but it feels cheap and wouldn't keep me warm enough to want to pay the original price for it. It is really cute though! But almost everything that I've gotten from the store that I saw the jacket at, always falls apart or has pilling within the first few wears. D:
    I would wear it as an everyday casual jacket. But if you want to dress it up then I think anything goes, it's a pretty simple style :}
  4. What store is it from? I received it as a gift, and I'm curious to know what store it's from. I'll be sure to be careful if I buy clothes from there in the future!
  5. I think it's really nice. It has an interesting color, unique shape, and if you wanted to you could probably wear it as a dress! And doll, don't ever worry about what men think about clothes, because frankly, in general, the only thing that would matter is how low or high something is ;) I think if you like it and you feel good in it, then keep it.
  6. It looks a little bulky to me....but I guess I'd have to see it on you. Just play around in your closet and I'm sure you'll find tons of outfits to go with it well.
  7. It's lovely! And the colour is TDF as well. I'd like to see it paired with round-toe pumps or peep toes. I say, keep it! It's a gift so it didn't cost you, therefore you won't suffer if it actually does start pilling.
  8. I agree with the other posters. I think it is cute & shouldn't be sold b/c it won't be a loss to u if the quality does end up being low. Men know little about fashion and absolutely nothing about style so they aren't my judges. If they were, I would care less about designer brands or trends and would just stick 2 wearing tight $10 dresses everyday. LOL
  9. It's at Wish, but in other areas, the same store is known as Duo too
    I think you meant "it seems flimsy and cheap to me." or did you really mean to men?
  10. i would wear it with flat riding boots. it's cute but if it looks/feels cheap ditch it
  11. I like it.
  12. I really love the style and color. However if you feel like you don't like the material just sell it on ebay. That style will DEFINITELY sell well!

    I can totally picture it with boots and skinny jeans.
  13. i personally like a little bit of spandex in my clothes. makes them stretchier and more comfortable. but i think maybe you don't like it...that was your first gut i'd say sell it or pass it on.
  14. A fellow Seattleite! Hello! It's a totally adorable coat (great color, fabulous style!) but if you don't think you will be getting any use out of it then I would sell it. Personally I like jackets that aren't as bulky and allow me to move, and I think it would look cute with a great pair of designer jeans and some boots, but if it looks/feels cheap to you and you never want to wear it then get rid of it and buy a coat that you love to look at AND wear!
  15. I love it, I'd like to see how it looked on you tho.