Is this J. Choo authentic?

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  1. the price seems really low to me...i think it might be that old "if it looks too good to be true..."

    someone with a mahala could tell you for sure, though.
  2. I would be VERY cautious. Newer member (Sept 06), private feedback on sales and no paypal allowed (wants money order/cashiers check). Lastly, read the listing, it is not very good english.... Good luck, but I agree with
    Shoppingsmycardio "if it's too good to be true...."
  3. This bag does not look real. I have a red maddy. If you look at the leather tabs on each end of the front zippers, they are too far away from the side trim. The tabs on my maddy lie under the side trim. Go to the Jimmy Choo website and you will see the mahala.The side tabs appear much closer than in the eBay picture. Hope this helps.
  4. Wow! Definitely Fake. Look at the bottom sqare gold trim on the front of the bag on the eBay fake. It is not centered on the suede underneath. Go to the jc site.Very obvious.
  5. I think its fake. The proportions are all wrong.

    Compare it to this pic from NM...
  6. It looks like a definitely fake unfortunately.
  7. Thanks, ya'll!
  8. sorry ..another too good to be true.