Is this it for the September floorset?

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  1. Or should we expect more to hit the website later in the week?
  2. I always wait till the last day of PCE, normally some last minute stuff rolls in just before or after the end of PCE.
  3. Thanks Bunny. I noticed there is a new Poppy graffiti print that is catching my eye.. but no bags with it yet!
  4. ^no bags yet, but with the scarves and such I'm sure there will be other accessories for some type of bag.
  5. That is a good idea. I tend to go on the first day in case that the one I want is sold out. For some reason, I always seem to like the Coach things that are limited!
  6. You might want to check out the lookbook in the store, sometimes you can pre-order things at PCE for items that are coming out soon.
  7. I emailed about the graffiti print, and the girl who emailed me back told me that was it. For some reason I don't believe that.
  8. No PCE again and i want something too. It figures. GEEZ
  9. I saw a photo of a graffitti poppy satchel, it was TDF!!!
  10. Don't happen to have the link, do you?
  11. I don't have a link because it was a random page with someone posting a few photos and it was all in chinese or japanese but..... I saved the photo :P

  12. Ee, it's so cute!

    I can't believe they told me when I emailed that there was no infos.. and I find out in another topic someone else was able to order a glam tote and also had info on the groovy. Psh!
  13. It's gorgeous, isn't it???
  14. Wow. Diff'rent stokes, I guess, but in my very humble (and probably unpopular) opinion, that's hideous.
  15. Is 15863 the style number? :o