Is this issue going to get worse? (Alma bb epi)

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  1. This was bought in November and only used maybe once every few of weeks since then, so not a lot. The leather is chipping near the zipper :sad: I'd feel totally stupid taking this in to LV for something so minor so would be OK I guess to settle for it as is but am worried it may get worse, when it's then too late for LV to do anything.

    So my questions are:
    Has anyone seen this happen before?
    What would you do?
    Will it get worse?


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  2. Take it in...doesn't matter how anyone else feels. Talk to the SA calmly and voice your concerns and see what they have to say. I don't think this is normal for such a new bag. I have epi pieces as far back as 1997 and none of them have this issue.
  3. Take it back to the store as i dont think it is wear and tear issue. Hopefully they can sort it out for you :smile: I have alma bb in epi which i bought last august and use almost everyday and it is still in pristine condition.
  4. I would definitely take this bag back, the longer you wait the more LV can say it's from wear and tear and I do think it will get worse. They may still say it's wear and tear anyway but to me this is not normal for a bag that was bought in November that has hardly been used. Does this part of the bag rub against your clothing or arm when your'e using it? Could that have caused it?

    The glazing started coming apart on my Sarah wallet which was 12 months old when I took it in, they were very helpful and offered to repair it immediately free of charge, it helps if the rest of the bag/wallet is in perfect condition because that shows it's been looked after. I think (hope) they'll offer you a free repair.

    Please keep us posted, good luck!
  5. +1. I definitely think you should take this to LV. My Epi Alma BB was purchased last July and gets frequent use. It's as beautiful as the day I got it. It's my understanding Epi leather wears very well, so I wouldn't consider what's happening to your bag to be " normal". Good luck.
  6. If it were me, I would take the handbag back to the store and see what they will do about this.
    I have 4 Epi handbags and I have had a few "chips" here and there on two of them that were not wear and tear problems.
  7. I agree with everyone. I would take this back ASAP and expect some sort of resolution.
  8. Did you take them back? What was the outcome?
  9. Thank you everyone, I'm going to take it in tomorrow ... I just feel so silly though being *that* customer so I hope they are understanding!
  10. I actually noticed the issue 3 months after purchase, wish I sorted it out then but at the time my closest store was 1.5 hrs away and I've since done a big move across the country and had a baby so very busy times! I hope they still see 6 months as not being that long.

    This part of the bag is on the outside but has never been bumped into anything that I remember (and I think I would remember because I really haven't used it a whole lot, it's my "special" bag). Taking it in tomorrow so will let you know how I go. Thanks!
  11. Originally Posted by LVlifer
    If it were me, I would take the handbag back to the store and see what they will do about this.
    I have 4 Epi handbags and I have had a few "chips" here and there on two of them that were not wear and tear problems.
    Did you take them back? What was the outcome?
  12. To Pebli-
    The answer to your question is that I did not take my handbags back to the store. I am not suggesting that anyone do this-Since my handbags are black Epi- I took a tiny amount of black acrylic black paint and carefully applied it to the tiny chips with the tip of a toothpick.I have an art background, so I thought I would try it.I would not have tried this if there many large chips though.

    If I had more than very tiny chips I would have taken the bags back to the store.
  13. As others have said, that is strange. My 20 year old epi piece doesn't have anything like that, nor do my newer ones.
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