Is this INK and is it authentic, you think?

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  1. Hi Anne, it's ink and looks authentic to me.
  2. I agree that it looks like an authentic ink, Anne. But read the Q & A at the bottom of the listing and make sure you're comfortable it.
  3. I believe it is authentic too. The ask at the bottom is talking about those stupid chinese seller who are stealing everyone's photos (that is - everyone who doesn' watermark their photos) - and selling them for $88.00 or $179.00 -

    that said, it is risky buying from the UK (if you are in the US) - I mean what is your recourse if they don't send the bag pictured? Alot of headache is what I'm thinking. Unless this sells for way below retail - I wouldn't bother
  4. Oh boy, bidders are getting all confused by the picture stealers. :sad:
  5. Thanks for all your respond. I live in the UK, so that was why I thought it might be a great bargain for me... But I just don't know enough about authenticating these bags, so you helped me alot. Still seems really cheap or? A bit too cheap maybe?

  6. looks authentic to me! good luck.
  7. love the leather! :love:

    but what is at the bottom? maybe just the flash?
  8. looks good to me too, some sellers like to start bidding low to generate interest and attachment to the item in the listing
  9. Looks great:yes:
  10. PLEASE post all authenticity questions at the top of the Balenciaga forum in the "authenticate this" sticky!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.