Is this in stores yet?

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  1. I know you can order it but I haven't seen it in our new stuff at the back of the store yet. I haven't seen all of our new stuff but I didn't see this piece in any of the boxes.
  2. Sometimes items aren't in the stores and are only available by order from the store or Call your store & ask.
  3. well, ordering it wouldn't help me at all. crap. thanks!
  4. thanks, I planned on doing that tomorrow, just wondering if anyone here had seen it.
  5. I got it! One of the stores near me had it so I'm all set for my trip tomorrow! Woo hoo!
  6. Awesome! I'm so glad, I wouldn't think that would be a very common item in the boutiques. Congratulations!
  7. I know. And it was the smaller of the stores near me. go figure! I'm just :yahoo:
  8. It was meant to be! :yes:
  9. Yay! Glad you got it in time. Congrats!
  10. yep. and my sandals that Nordie's had transferred showed up today too! Phew!
  11. Lookit you! You're going to be all cute bagged and cute shoed for your trip! Styyyyyyyylish woman.

    I'm going back to San Diego next week and am going to be taking my black sig weekender for the first time, as carryon. I almost want to go buy something else just for traveling. I'm such a freak. *L* I have a khaki signature cabin bag but I almost feel like it's too loud for me.
  12. I :heart: it! Yea for you! You will be too cool! :supacool:
  13. i saw it at my store (Madison & 57th) in NYC... the batik, and i think it had the orange