is this how the gold hw looks like on the pink classic?

  1. i really wanted to buy the pink classic flap after seeing pinkpaino's bag
    is this how the gold hw acutally looks like cause i saw some other pictures and the gold hw looks lighter then this picture i found on eBay
  2. i think it might be the sunlight cuz it looks authentic to me. Beautiful bag, check with the experts if its authentic u should definitely get it.
  3. Different lightings give different colors. Just check it IRL to be sure. But the eBay pic is obviously will be brighter because it is taken outside as opposed to pinkpiano's, which was taken in a dimly lit room.
  4. I have the mini flap in pink with gold hardware.. and it looks more like the one in the first picture :yes: i would have post a picture for you to see but the bag is not with me right now. :shame:
  5. Um, pretty much. I also have that same purse, so if you go backwards you can see more pics of it.
  6. The pink looks pretty with gold :love:
  7. What a stunning bag! It gorgeous!
  8. correct me if i m wrong, that eBay bag looks a *tiny* bit weird to me on the clasp, but the color of the bag looks authentic !

    604girl , i would really recommend you to call around those CA stores since there's still time to grab one b4 the price hike.. 'coz alot of time i found that ebay 's brand new bags aren't really that much cheaper than the ones from Boutique or Dept Stores.
  9. pinkpiano, could you please tell me what the difference between $1495 and $1595? From the auction link, the style number on that bag is A01113. I couldn't see any difference between the two. Thank you so much.
  10. if you really want it, there is Best offered option too, so i guess the BIN is what the seller hope for, but he/she will also consider a reasonable offer too?
  11. Classic Chic, I saw your heels (black with pink bow). They are absolutely gorgeous. I'm totally in love with them. You're so adorable as always. Love the way to set both heels and pink bag up together in the first pic. I couldn't remember which thread I was referring to though. Btw, could you tell me the difference between your pink bag and pinkpiano's. I'm a bit confused as I don't notice any difference between them at all. Thanks so much in advance.
  12. bretiny~:blush: thank you! the tittle is some thing like 'Sry, i can't make up my mind' or something in that to be honest, i have no idea what is the difference between 1495 and 1505 either? I konw they are both caviar, but what difference does 100 dollar make in terms of Chanel?