Is this how it's supposed to be or defective/damaged?

  1. I had to reorder a Sharpey frame bag last week, as the one I got looked damaged or defective. Everything was alright except for the bottom of the bag. It was squashed and had bulges I couldn't fix by stuffing it and such. The leather itself was just not even in some parts.

    So the second bag arrives this morning... And oh, no. I just had to frown the moment I opened it, as it had a wrong dust bag. It was WHITE. It was nothing of Chanel, as it was non marked flimsy thing that reminded me so much of shoe bags from Westin or Sheraton. I was glad I still didn't return the bag from the first order, as now I could just swap the dust bags.


    THEN, the bag came out and I was :wtf:!! Even though it was a bit better than the first one, this one also had awkward bottom! At least the leather looked more even on this one but bottom was crushed in few spots, with middle bulging out a little. Could it be possible this is how all of this kind of bags come in? But that just doesn't make any sense. Why would they put four metal "feet" at the bottom if they don't function as protection? I just don't get this. Is this a design fault with Chanel or just poor job of storage or/and shipping from NM?

    I'm not sure what I should do anymore. I really like the design of the bag but am quite afraid of possibility of same problem for my third order. And I really don't get why in the world NM would send my second bag in a wrong dust bag, when they apparently still have this bag in stock!

    I'll post some pics here showing the problems... Is this something I can overlook or definite signs of damage?



  2. Man, I can't see the photos on this computer for some reason. : (
  3. ^ That's odd... How about now?
    DSC02092.JPG DSC02086.JPG
  4. Yep, I can see those! Thank you.

    Could it have just been the way it was packaged? My LV came folded and it kind of looked like that for awhile. I filled it and let it sit out and it looked fine after a few days. The Sharpei is soft leather so I think that may have contributed. Have you tried filling it to see if it helps push the dent out?
  5. ^ I dunno... I have lots of LV to know most of their bottoms are lot tougher than this particular Sharpey. There's this thing (Plastic? Paper?) supposedly shaping the bottom into flat form and it's not doing its job. The metal feet are kind of just there not doing what they are supposed to do too!

    This second one is lot better though as the first one, the leather itself was just too wobbly in some spots that confirmed me it would never go back to its shape.
  6. Nanami, can you take it to Chanel or somewhere that has it in stock to compare? Or maybe you can ask an employee (not the person who sold it to you) if the bottom is irregular? I ordered a Cambon from NM and they shipped it without the dustbag.. I found it really odd and annoying.. just one of those little things that shouldn't be overlooked I guess.
  7. first of all, sending the bag to you in the white dustbag is :tdown: LOL about the cheap shoe bags at hotels! That's exactly what it looks like!

    I think the crushing is a result of how it was packaged. You should fill it, let it rest for a bit, and see if/how it smooths out. There was a discussion over on the YSL forum about a spring bag that has a similar issue - there are four stud feet but the middle caves in, especially when items are actually placed inside. So Chanel would not be alone in this design defect!
  8. It looks like it got that way with storage. I bet once its used it will get back in its proper shape.
  9. I'm sorry to hear that you're not happy again. Wow and they sent you a plain white dustbag this time? Very odd.

    I would try out the tip that ItsMyWorld gave you and see how it looks after a few days.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  10. Bisousx, I actually bought it through NM website using the catalogue codes. I never seen these bags anywhere else so I'm not sure if Chanel people can compare it to their stock.

    Ordering from NM has been hit and miss with me too, because I also got a bag (not Chanel, but Ferragamo) before without dustbag in the past. What's interesting is, the first order for this bag came beautifully packaged with tons of tissues and this second bag came with brown recylcled paper crumbled! It's not the first time I got that brown paper thing but I thought it was funny how two exact bags were packed different this time. And this one with a horrible dust bag when they still have these bags in stock! (Although it might mean they also don't have dustbags for those in stock as well)

    Couldn't you try to get a dustbag from any SA you are friendly with? I didn't like how my dustbag was so ill fitting for this one bag I got a couple of weeks ago so I went back to the store. My SA just grabbed a much larger bag for me and even said she can give me more if I wanted one.
  11. What is the deal with the white dust bag? I didn't actually know they had white dust bags aside from the tiny one I got with my sunnies.

  13. Oh, I did get another dustbag (from the boutique), but it was just irritating to me that after all the money I paid, they couldn't get the dustbag situation correct lol
  14. Ladies, I'll try the stuffing & hanging method for few days... But I'm still afraid it wouldn't be perfect as it should. I tried to "reshape" the first one when I got that and maybe because the leather is too soft, it wouldn't really work the way LV bags works.

    My card is now frozen with $5420 charge for two bags I can't use right now... And quite possibly for bags both I might have to return. And it's going to take 14 days or so for the credit to be back on my account again even if I return right now. How sad... I now have huge debts for things I can't enjoy!

    * But thank god I still had the first bag. Otherwise, I would have been stuck with the ugly dustbag. Do you guys think I can return the first one with the dust bag from the second bag?:shrugs: I certainly don't want the ugly white thing if the second one turns out to be a keeper.
  15. Sorry to hear:sad:, prob. due to packaged it (btw-crazy dust bag) or prob. could had been a store display??- I know that when I had ordered a Sharpei flap bag (like Larkie's Hawaiian one but in black) it looked like some one had retuned it and since it was the LAST one avail nationwide - I was not able to get another one:sad:- but hon, if you are not completely happy- return it:yes: