is this hot???

  1. I love it!!!!
  2. too cool
  3. yes. the perfs have finally grown on me!
  4. I fell in love :love: with this bag when I saw the interior. The fuschia interior is sooo vibrant IRL.
    newpurse05.jpg newpurse06.jpg
  5. That's the only piece I'd even consider getting from that line.
  6. Im not a massive fan of this line, but this bag is cute :biggrin:
  7. That's the only bag I would get from the perforated line.
  8. Not a fan of the perf line, they can do soo much better but to each her own I suppose. I like the classic looks better but I can see how it would be considered cute.
  9. Same here. Don't know what color I like best, though. Probably the pink.
  10. I love it. Hottie hot hot!
  11. I think it's cute.
  12. really cute definitly a girly girl purse.
  13. Cute!

    Did anyone like the orange interior?
  14. definitely cool!!!
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