Is this HOT or what?

  1. So I went to visit my friend today at South Coast Plaza, (he works at YSL), and I went to go look at a few things and I bought my very first YSL shirt. But since this is the Louis Vuitton forum...that's probably all you guys want to know about right? ;) So afterwards my friend and I went to LV to see if my favorite SA, Theresa, was in. Sadly she wasn't so Jeffrey helped me out and I inquired about the perforated belt that was on the website. Well, guess who's the new owner of yet another Louis Vuitton belt....ME!!!! Enjoy pics y'all!!!

    PS- For those of you interested, my friend is getting the YSL Jonny boots for me!!! :yes: [​IMG]
  2. :nuts: Congrats!!! The belt is HOTTTT! Love it:love:
  3. Very nice:yahoo: Congrats on your new purchase:wlae:
  4. nice belt congrats!
  5. :drool:
  6. Ohhhh, love the belt! Good choice! :nuts::love:
  7. very nice!! I think you should model it!!:graucho:
  8. I like it! Congrats!
  9. the new perfo belt!!! beautiful!!!!!
  10. Congrats! The belt is gorgeous and easy to match! Is the pattern drawn or carved on? Just curious, hope you don't mind me asking. :P It's hard to judge from the pix.
  11. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  12. LOVE the belt!!!
  13. very nice! CONGRATS
  14. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Ohhh...pretty! Congrats!