is this hobo still available?

  1. Hi everyone i was looking at this caviar hobo, and i wanted to know if its still available anywhere and how much is it?? i found on eBay but i want one with silver handles:sad:
  2. I believe it is nicknamed the Charlotte bag....I own it in white with gold. I think it is available on eBay and second hand.
  3. I could be wrong, but I swear I just spotted one at Saks. My SA is off today, but try emailing her the picture and ask her to call you tomorrow when she gets in. Her name is Delyse, email- (there's an underscore between delyse and mcallister). Her phone number is 248-808-0712.
  4. lovely...hope you find one soon!
  5. That's cute. Did you ever find out if it's still available?