Is this hobo still available?

  1. Hi, I've had my eye on this MJ hobo and I was wondering if it's still available, what colors that it comes in, and if it's on sale? I did a search and saw that most people like the smaller size but I've never seen this bag IRL before. This is called the "soft calf classic hobo?" Any help or sightings of this bag would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. At this point, your best bet is probably eBay. I think these styles went on sale a few months ago, so they are probably gone from most stores by now. If you go the eBay route, and want some peace of mind, keep this forum's "authenticate this MJ" thread in mind. Good luck!
  3. I don't remember all of the colors it came in but I know it came in at least Black, Blueberry, Butter (in pic you posted) and in Sweet Pea. I saw two of these hobos in Sweet Pea at the Neiman Marcus Last Call in San Marcos, TX this weekend. I don't remember the price but my best guess would be they were around $550. I have this hobo in Butter and it's such a pretty bag!
  4. Thanks ladies! Luvpurses24, what color is sweet pea? I'm guessing greenish, like the color of a pea? =) Is it heavy on the shoulder with your things in it? I see the butter one on eBay...hmmm...maybe I should go for that color...=D
  5. Also, does anyone have any modeling pics of this bag? If I go the Ebay route, I would like to at least see what it looks like on someone's shoulder if possible. Thanks!
  6. ^^Yes, Sweet Pea is a light yellowish-green. It's a nice color but not very practical. I find Butter more practical because it looks great with earth tones.

    I don't find it heavy at all and I carry a lot of stuff! :p I think the thicker shoulder strap definitely helps.

    Good luck with the Ebay auction...let us know if you win!