Is this herve leger dress too sexy for a wedding?

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  1. I love this dress too, but it could look too "sexy" for the morning ceremony if you wear it on its own. Perhaps you could wear a pashmina/shawl with it in the morning? I think it would be perfect for the evening reception
  2. ^^ My thoughts exactly.
  3. I think that would look great!
  4. Thanks so much for your replies. I haven't been to a wedding in ages - last time was when I was a flower girl like 20 years ago. :sad:

    So I wasn't sure if you could change after the ceremony. I do love the dress though. Arghh, if only it wasn't so expensive. I will have to think it over this evening.
  5. It could be toned down with a fitted blazer on top.
  6. Stunning dress, but I agree with everything that's been said above ;)
  7. I love that dress too. Definitely if you cover up a bit for the ceremony, it would work.
  8. That dress is fab! Great colors, but a bit too revealing for a ceremony.
  9. Echoing everyone's thoughts. Lovely dress but a little short for a morning ceremony. :smile:
  10. Too sexy for a wedding IMO.
  11. It can definitely be toned down with a pashmina shawl, yes! I actually just saw pictures of Cheryl Cole, who's in the UK pop group Girls Aloud, at a wedding and she wore a Hervé Léger dress. It was similar to this one:
    It was that light grey one and it had a couple other colours in vertical stripes, maybe about 4 stripes, while the rest was grey. If you wait a minute, I'll get a picture.
  12. I think it will work for the ceremony with a pashmina. That seems like a more conservative HL dress. Love it!
  13. That's the dress Heidi wore at the Hills premiere party! I love it but I wouldn't wear it to a wedding because it's tight AND shows a lot of skin.