Is this Hermes?

  1. :confused1:
    untitled11.jpg untitled12.jpg
  2. sure is! It is the Constance.
  3. Dark green croc or alligator?
  4. Thank you! SO NICE!!!:love:
  5. It may be a vintage peace, I asked the FSH store if that color croc is availabe, and was told that it is not in production. I have been hoping, or dreaming would be a better word, to get a wallet in that color croc.
  6. Beautiful. Looks like croc but you can't really confirm unless you see the scales close up. They look uniform enough to be croc, though! Looks like a 23cm!
  7. WOW!!!!! that is TDF!! love her white fur coat too!
  8. I LOVE the Constance. So many H bags .... so little cash.:crybaby:
  9. :yes: ITA Kat!!! :shame:
  10. that's beautiful!
  11. Wow, gorgeous bag ! She actually looks great with them !
  12. Love how the constance looks in croc! :heart: Thanks for posting the pic LV addict!
  13. Beautiful bag and picture!
  14. Reminds me of gigi leung's black box calf Constance ....:P That "H"
  15. how much does the constance retail for/ ive always loved it but never seen it in store. i especially love it in exotic skin.