Is this Hermes? "3 Balls" charm

  1. I've seen this "balls" charm on quite a few Hermes bags in this sub-forum. Was/is it made by Hermes? I really like it!!! Where can I find it?

    The pic is by Kelly Kelly.

    Balls charm.jpg
  2. POM POMs!!!! Not balls! LOL

    Thank you very much!
  3. There are actually more than 2 colour combinations.
  4. I just called Hermes on Madison Ave and they didn't order any of them... :sad:
  5. Oops, sorry likeafeather77, wrong info.
  6. you are welcome :biggrin:

    i also have difficulties trying to acquire this accessory - tried HK & Geneva but no luck this mth...

    gd luck in your hunt! :biggrin:
  7. Where are you based bbbochap? I saw it in my boutique just last week.
  8. omg, which HK boutique, pls tell... :nuts:

    i enquired abt it early this mth (or maybe it was late last mth) & they said they were sold out on this item awhile back...

  9. i recently saw them in manhasset. good luck.
  10. Sorry, from your handle, I thought you were based in Singapore. I saw it at H in Singapore less than a week ago. Any chance you'll be coming here soon?
  11. i shuffle between singapore & hk so sorry for the confusion. :biggrin:

    i hve not tried spore stores as i only 'decided' i needed it this past few weeks, lol

    will give them a call & see if something can be arranged.

    thanks very much evekitti. :biggrin:

  12. Call Liat Towers!!