Is this heel coming back in??

  1. I tried these Cole Haans on at Saks and they are SOOOOO comfortable, I could walk forever in these shoes. At first I thought they were ugly on the display, but when I put it on they started to grow on me b/c they are so unlike anything in my closet right now. Everything I own is stiletto heel and pointed toe, peep toe or slide. This was so unexpected...

    The SA told me that this is where heels are headed b/c the NYC fashionistas are stick of getting their shoes stuck in the sewer grates :roflmfao:. So what do you think?? Do you think heels are headed this way, but instead of the 90's box, designers will pair with a rounder toe?

    P.S. They look better on!!
  2. I LOVE them! Very retro (in a good way)! :yes:
  3. I think those shoes are adorable. Don't know much about heels, but I would wear those anytime.
  4. I'm not sure about what's in, but I think those look good. And, if they are comfortable, yet very stylish, why not add something different to your collection? I like the shape of the toe and the patent. You feet will probably love you for not putting on another pointy toe stiletto.
  5. Cole Haans are almost always great for comfort, especially the Nike Air and G Series ones (as a newbie, I don't have an avatar up yet, but it will probably be a Cole Haan).

    ETA: Wow, that was quick - avatar came up right away! It's a boot from last winter that looks like it will be even more IN this winter (big interest in low boots/ booties showing up in the fashion mags).
  6. Absolutely this heel is classic! Stils are great, being a stil girl myself, but the thicker heel is *always* a good choice. We've been bombarded with stils because they are far and away, the choice of the red-carpet, being much more dressy. But for everyday, for running around, the thicker heel has been around since the beginning of shoes! Very ladylike and fashionable. Go for 'em!
  7. Done! They are my new favorite work shoe...
  8. The thinner heels is always in because thicker heels can look dowdy and chunky. I think those look cute; not dowdy or chunky.
  9. i don't like them at all they remind me of old lady shoes (the heel) and i think they make your legs look frumpy
  10. i love them
  11. I know!! I think that is what is so funny about them... I showed them to my mom and she said, "For such an old lady shoe, they look good on you", then she asked if she could try them on ...:roflmfao: Thank GOD I got the CL Very Prive Leopard print shoes, or I would really start to worry that I was 30 going on 60!

    BTW, even with the thicker heel, there is a really pretty curve in there that doesn't make the leg look like a tree trunk :yes:. If they did, couldn't have worn them b/c my legs are thick enough to begin with :yucky:.
  12. I am seeing a lot of shoes that have that heel now. Those heels are coming back!
  13. OOOh - I am a shoe girl - a real shoe designer. Definitely these thicker retro heels have been in for a couple of seasons and I think they are fabulous in how much more wearable they are IRL. Stilettos are always sexy but for daytime they can be too extreme.
  14. Those are really nice shoes. I can't keep up any more with what is current and what is passe. So, I think if you like them you should buy them and enjoy them for years to come. They're beautiful.
  15. Thicker heels are certainly easier to stand on, I think.
    I prefer something in between thick and thin.