Is this Gucci bag Real????

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  1. Hello to everyone.
    I'm a new member here , my name is Nikita.
    I have a gucci bag that I got from one of the girls I know ( which ended up beeing an idenity thief and big scammer). She owed me $800 that she couldn't pay me back so she gave me this bag in exchange.
    I saw similar bag on guccis main web site selling new for over $1600. But I never seen anywhere this bag in Navy Blue like mine.
    This bag in not my style ,so I'm trying to sell it on eBay or something, to get my money back ( or at least part of it).
    My question is, Is it real bag??? Can you tell me just by looking @ the pics?
    How can I find out if its real? shoild I go to gucci store and ask them?
    How much it's worth? ( it's gently used and doesnt have oryginal receipt and papers)
    Thank You Ladies!!!
    for sale 111.jpg for sale 113.jpg for sale 120.jpg for sale 116.jpg for sale 119.jpg
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.