Is this gryson authentic?

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  1. Hi-I have been looking at this bag to purchase but I am concerned because it is being sold with a shoulder strap and I understand the Molly does not come with one. I asked the seller thinking it was maybe a larger version but she tells me it says Molly on the ID tag. Does anyone know if there are fakes of this bag out there? Thanks for your help!
  2. Beautiful bag. Why don't you contact Gryson Customer Service and ask them to take a look at the link you sent. From other posts I've seen here, they say Gryson has excellent customer service
  3. That sellers feedback rocks and she has nice auctions up. I betcha it's good.
  4. Sparkle, I don't think the Molly is intended to have a shoulder strap. I can't see anything in the photos that shows anyplace to attach a shoulder strap either. Have you asked the seller how it attatches to the bag?
  5. Thanks for all your suggestions. I did call Gryson and spoke with Lynn who was very helpful and went online to look. She said it was authentic but that shoulder strap probably came from another Gryson bag.
    I also called the seller and she told me the strap hooked to the rings that hold the handles, which I guess you can do, but not as intended.
    Love the look but will probably go to the nearest NR and see if I can get lucky or at least see one IRL.
    Wondering if any owners have comments on their Gryson purses. Do you love them? Thanks for all your input!!!
  6. I believe it is authentic. I saw tan Molly for $169.99 (with no shoulder strap though) at Nordtrom Rack in Sterling VA yesterday. Call them, they do take a phone orders.
  7. I love Gryson bags, but there was a style that was at Nordstroms on sale last month and it looked similar to this one. It was a great deal and a gorgeous bag, but it was a bit difficult to get in and out. That leather piece goes on a small metal ball and the SA and I were discussing how much we wished it was different. You should see if another member has the bag and can comment on the closure. If they say it's not a problem, then go for it. It's gorgeous.

  8. Sparkle, I have several GRYSON bags, an Olivia two Skyes and an Amanda. I love them all for their classic styling, their amazing quality and especially for the way they seem to be improving as I wear them. The leather seems to get softer and take on a burnished appearance with use. I would heartily recommend the brand! The Olivia bag is my fave so far. I am just in love with the shape and functionality of the bag. At first I thought it would be too big for me (hence my purchase of the two Skyes) but must say that in reality the bag somehow does not seem that big when I wear it! It just snuggles right in to my waist and is a very comfortable companion.

    Ihave also heard some amazing stuff about GRYSON as a company, as it concerns customer service. Most of my info on Gryson has come through this forum. I am sure if you search for gryson threads here, you will get the same thorough education.
  9. I saw this bag in person the other day and considered it, but the closure is such a pain! I passed - I knew it just would not be all that functional for me. The quality is great, though.