Is this good for a first Hermes?

  1. I don't have anything from Hermes yet. Right now I carry a SS 07 Gucci Abbey tote with platinum leather. I am so sick of it. I have decided (with a slight detour thinking Bottega Veneta was for me) that Hermes is the one.

    I have decided to sell the Gucci so I can buy my first (very small) Hermes item. I have my eye on this burgundy small tote (name?) on Bluefly, and think it's pretty versatile for fall/winter. Does anyone have this bag? If so, do you like it? I am planning on making a bigger purchase in Palm Beach when I go in January to stay for winter. I just want to get a feel for it now. After reading all of your wonderful posts, I just have to dip my feet in!

    Here's the bag:

    Please let me know what you think!!!
  2. ^Honestly?
    I think this is not good for a first Hermes bag.
    If you save up a bit more you can get a Herbag, a Garden Party, a Picotin or an Evelyne. More bang for your buck, in my opinion.
    I know how much it hurts to have your first - anything!!! - Hermes bag. At the same time you shouldn't rush into buying something - anything!!! - just for the sake of owning an H bag.
    So my opinion is to wait a bit longer, save up a bit more and buy an H bag that is more multifunctional and is a signature Hermes bag (like the ones I mentioned above).
    Just my personal opinion of course.
  3. Thank you, hello2703. I guess I'm just going back and forth! I need to visit an H boutique soon!
  4. I totally agree with hello2703 :tup:
  5. Well said hello2703:yes:
  6. Great advice from Hello. I agree. Do go to Hermes and take a look at the styles. Then save, save, save! it is worth the wait and the investment.
  7. ITA...

    Depending on how you feel about bags that have open tops, an all-leather Garden Party could really work for you. Of course, a Picotin is always wonderful.

    If you have an Hermes nearby, go in and play with a lot of different pieces and then you can really get an idea of tickles your fancy.

  8. Thanks everyone for all your great advice. After looking at some threads, I am sure that I want the Picotin in chartreuse or white (thanks AuthenticLux). It's just so hard to save money when all I want to do is buy clothes, and spend it on meaningless things. I just want to cry after looking at all of those beautiful bags. Sorry to *****, but I just feel bad sometimes because my husband can't understand why I love bags, clothes, shoes so much. It just seems so unfair that he can justify buying a 70 inch flat screen TV, the most expensive jetski made, and a luxury SUV and can't see why I need something sometimes.

    I'm so sorry for complaining, but I just had to get it out somehow, God knows he won't listen or understand.

    Thanks again for all your help.
  9. ITA with all the enablers. Hermes teaches patience. You will be so happy when you find the right bag for you, it will be totally worth the wait....

  10. I just read this and I can totally understand. There are lots of threads about DHs and hermes. Mine went from thinking it was all a joke, to buying me a scarf, to surprising me with a ticket to fly to Hermes (not far, but still!!) to pick up my goodies, to sniffing takes time and patience. If he enjoys and understands quality, he will understand Hermes eventually. And he will CERTAINLY understand the marvelous afterglow you will get when you have your first orange box...

    The more you know about the brand the more you be able to share with him what makes it special and why it is different from chasing the IT bag, or buying on impulse (not that you do those things, but its always what they think...).

    Believe me, I have been there....If you had told me my DH would sniff my new purse and ask me about the different colors of sleepers, I would have laughed my a** off.

    Oh, and martinis help. Though another PFer suggested beer and BBQ....

    ETA: Also, the more you know about Hermes, the less you will want those other things....
  11. Def listen to everyone here! They are some of the grand dames of Hermes IMO! really helps to see Hermes IRL before taking the plunge! Have fun in Palm Beach!!
  12. All good advice. :yes:
  13. Kolibriszuka--

    The picotin was my first H bag, and I think it's a wonderful choice--I have no regrets. As with any bag, I suggest that you take some time to research which leather and which size are optimal for you. I'm sure you'll wear it for years to come!
  14. Can you tell us more about your style?
  15. You are among friends here, my dear!! Hang in there!! :flowers: