is this gold coach purse... only winter seasonal bag? ...

  1. The bag is tan canvas w/ gold leather trim.

    So... because of the gold leather trim... would the bag only go well in the winter/ fall?

    Is this metallic just OUT of style? I don't know if I should get this or not because I only like to get bags that are mostly classic or that I can wear it forever.

    What do you think?
  2. the metallic is subtle, so it's not an overload should metallics go completely out of style.
    but i think you can pull it off in any season.
  3. The khaki signature works with any season, but I feel like the metallic is..well I'm not a fan of it. Thats what bothered me to no end on the madison and zoe striped..goddamn metallic trim. Metallic is over for me, but thats my preference. I don't follow season to season style. I can still be seen toting around my yellow longchamp tote and will continue to when the snow falls. I do my own thing. So if you love it go for it. But if you want it because of a trend then I wouldn't. Its all up to your personal preference.
  4. I will always dig metallic things. I think it can be worn in any season.
  5. All year round. It's not like the optic lurex which is more like wintry/Christmasy but still can be used all-year round.
  6. gold or metalic trim...especially with khaki signature....HAS.. become a classic in my opinion,,,,it looks great any time of the year...

    i own the signature stripe tote w/gold trim and its beautiful now and will be in the spring and on into summer with cute metalic's also great with for me,:yes: its an all season color/trim!!!!
  7. It's not too glitzy, so you could carry it all year round.
  8. to me, it appears to be an all-year-round purse.. its a pretty mutual color! If you know what i mean lol.. its very cute and classic, buy it!!
  9. I don't think that's a seasonal combination at all. It looks like it would be a beautiful year-round bag. I don't think that a very subtle hint of metallic here and there will ever be really "out" but large clothing pieces that's metallic will.
  10. I love metallics and think they're great neutrals, so I'm biased in that regard, but your bag, like many of the ladies here pointed out, is really subtle and classic! I think the khaki/gold combo is one that can truly work in all seasons!
  11. I think metallic/gold works in any season. I have a gold trimmed gallery tote & want to wear it this season, but it's an open-top purse & it wouldn't be smart to wear it around the holidays with all the expert thieves. But, the demi is really cute & you wouldn't have to worry about someone reaching into your purse, stealing your wallet & other belongings.