Is this from the regular line? Or is it some LE item?

  1. Im totally new to LV and was going to get a new wallet tomorrow, but then I saw this pic and fell in love, can I pick this up anywhere? Or is it limited edition or something like that? :smile:


    LVBabydoll's pic! :yes:
  2. It is a Limited Edition.
  3. Yeps LE so i would say try eBay,Let-trade or Karen Kooper Good luck with finding one it's v cute :smile:
  4. LE - it's called the cherry blossom line. It came in brown/pink, pink./pink, and red/cream (like the one in the pic).
  5. aww :sad: I guess i'll have to get a white multicolour instead (i think that's what it's called) lol
  6. ^ white MC is nice! good luck on your purchase. :smile:
  7. hehe thanks!
  8. I think you should ask for Rebecca's permission before posting her picture next time. ;)
  9. ^John are we not allowed to post others pics, even when they have put them on here? x
  10. ^^ yeah, I thought it was okay as long as we said who it belongs to ... let me know if that's not okay, because I've done the same thing!

    the red/creme CB is my favorite CB!! so cute. congrats on getting the white MC though, it's one of my faves too!
  11. Hmm, I was under this impression also.
  12. Limited Edition from a few years ago :p
  13. I know it would be the kind thing to do but Rebecca did post the pics for our viewing pleasure. The OP wasn't saying it was her's or using it maliciously..just for reference.
  14. Haha I clicked in here and was like, hey, that looks familar. Lol.
    But yeah it's limited. I was lucky enough to happen upon one after months of searching.
  15. It's called a cles, and Let-trade has one in pink CB at the moment.