Is this from S/S 2006 Les Extraordinaires?

  1. Anyone know?

  2. Yes!! I saw that at Saks in NYC when they had their party a couple of weeks ago. $10,000!!!!
  3. yes that was 2006
  4. $10,000 :wtf: REALLY?
  5. Thanks!!!
  6. Anyone know the name? TUpolo or something like that?
  7. Yep, they had one at valley fair for awhile.
  8. Thanks Mary!
  9. Did it come in two sizes too?!
    SCP had one for the longest time..
  10. Yes it did!

    ANyone know the name of this one & price?
  11. Maxi Bucket (or that may have just been what they called it on eBay)
  12. Thanks Claire! Do you recall retail at all?
  13. I have no idea I just know it was a lot I'll see what I can find
  14. ^^Yup, and the retail on the Maxi Bucket was $20,000.

    Also the one with all the cabochons was at the Beverly Hills store for awhile and my store got it in for the last party they had. Gorgeous but insanely priced.
  15. I know I will sound like a broken record but both are from 2006. The Tupelo which I think the bags name is did retail a lot due to the pony hair on it and the stones :smile: