Is this forum female only?

  1. I feel like a stranger here :confused1: but it's quite interesting to read about all the stuff
  2. Nope! The Owner/Admin is Vlad!

    Vlad and Megs are the Owner/sAdmins of this website and happen to be an adorable couple!:heart:
  3. There are a fair number of men actually! Welcome!
  4. There are some guys around here!! Nice, helpful and LV obsessed!!! (and other designers as well!)
  5. There is a pretty good amount of guys on here who are friendly and helpful and have great knowledge. Welcome!!
  6. a lot of the regular male members post in the LV sub-forum. or they seem to come out the woodwork when cars are mentioned:rolleyes: !
  7. thank you! i'm actually pretty interested in LV too...but what I like the most is hairstyles, can't get to see enough hehe
  8. Welcome to the forum :smile:
  9. Hiya Steph3n and welcome!!
  10. :welcome:

    No worries, there is plenty of testosterone on tPF.
  11. We have had a few men in the Hermes subforum and they do enjoy shopping at Hermes.

  12. Nope you are not alone! Plenty of guys are on the forum!

    Ugh if I could only get my fiancee interested in something other than trucks and quads!!!! LOL
  13. Heck, no. There's no upper age limit either--they let me in!:yahoo: Welcome--always good to hear another viewpoint on things.
  14. Heck no, there are some fantastic male posters here....and we would certainly welcome you to join in as well!

    I love having a male's perspective on our's refreshing!
  15. welcome aboard
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