Is this for real?!?

  1. I was just hunting around and I know I'm kinda new here...
    but I came across and was checking out their selection.

    They claim they are all real bags... Are they?

  2. I don't think they are.....also, the ONLY authorized dealer of Louis Vuitton besides Louis Vuitton itself is, so chances are good this isn't a good website.
  3. Thank you very much! Bear with me... i'm learning! :smile:
  4. ^You're welcome. You'll learn a lot here on tPF! We are glad to have you here!:smile:
  5. No no fake fake fake...

    be careful, but WELCOME!! You will love it here and you will get addicted!! :p (but that is the fun part!!)
  6. Fake, fake, fake. Louis Vuitton bags are only sold at boutiques and online at eLuxury. I would have to assume all the other bags are fake as well. Additionally their prices are way off -- way too cheap. I'd definitely avoid this site like the plague.
  7. Thanks thanks thanks... so much love here! It is going to be addicting!!
  8. The first thing I do when I'm unsure about the authenticity of a site is hit the "contact" button. If there is no physical address listed, it's a good bet the site is not authentic. Also, check the spelling and the wording used. Oftentimes there will be errors, as though they are not entirely fluent in the english language.
  9. VERY fake.