Is this fixable?

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  1. I want to buy this speedy 30 pre loved (my first pre loved purchase, has me nervous!) but it needs a repair. As it is pre loved would i have problems getting a repair done on a piece that I would not have a receipt for? It is the rivet that attaches to the D ring inside the bag. And how much might it cost? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459355209.173098.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459355222.074241.jpg
  2. There are too many speedies in the market place to buy one that needs repairs. Check all the consignment sites and ebay. Whether or not the boutique asks for a receipt seems to vary. If you buy it and they decline the repair, you have a bag that isn't even functional...
  3. That's what I was thinking. I've only bought new, so I'm scared jumping into the pre loved game haha
  4. I would personally walk away. As mentioned already the market has plenty of Speedies to choose from as well as LV could decline to repair based on either lack of receipt or possible damage to the canvas. Just not worth it.
  5. I would walk away... I just found a speedy 30 monogram for under £250.. Will reveal when it gets here and tell the story, but my point is to you now that there are better bags out there!!! Save yourself the stress of going to LV and having that conversation! Good luck!!!:smile:

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  6. Exactly. 👍
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    I am going to go against the grain here, it would depend on the price of the bag and what condition the rest of the bag is in. I would think that replacing that rivet would not be a very costly repair.

    I think from what I can see that bag might not be a bad buy at the right price.

    By the way I LOVE the patina on that bag.

    update: someone posted on the repair cost thread that that repair was free on a speedy.
  8. This is not fixable. Any tear in canvas is a lost cause. LV will never touch it. Keep looking. The perfect one will show up.

    Repairs are NOT free. And they won't repair a tear in canvas, ever, no matter what you are willing to pay for the repair. It's a no go. LV will not touch this repair, for any amount of money, ever. The canvas on a speedy is one continuous piece of canvas. They would have to remake the ENTIRE bag other than the handles. Not only will they refuse for any amount of money, LV has a hard fast rule that even a crack in canvas rules a bag unrepairable. Cost of repair doesn't matter. They won't touch it. Let this one go.
  9. what are you calling a tear? because that looks like glue to me. As far as this repair being free I was just restating what another member posted on the repairs thread the other day.


  10. The rest of the bag is in really good condition for being from 1999, and the price is $525. I don't live anywhere near a LV store though, the closest one is about 4 hours away and in a different country. And I agree, I love the patina on it! The store had a 25 that needed a new zipper pull, this 30, and a 35 that was just too big for me
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    You may want to call customer service anonymously at Louis Vuitton before you try to get any repairs, either free or paid. They are changing their policies as far as repairs to only doing them if you have a receipt or history of having purchased the bags. My local boutique has already made that change. It is new. . A lot of companies are doing this. There have been quite a few posts about it from other posters concerned they won't be able to get repairs on preloved bags. I was sad too.

    I'm worried about glue behind a Chad. While they use glue temporarily before stitching a Chad on (to hold it in place for stitching) it's a small amount and wouldn't likely still be showing on an older bag. It's possible, I'm just concerned about the possibility of a tear. Chads generally separate like that when there has been stress on the handle from too much weight inside the bag over time. It's a common place for cracks and tears near the handle. If any third party, owner or otherwise, has tried to repair an LV bag, LV won't work on it. If there is glue and it's not LVs, they won't work on it too. So many things to think about it's a little scary. So I world inspect carefully (even with a magnifying glass if you can) for an actual crack or tear, no matter how tiny, as they won't repair if it does.

    My biggest concern is the repair policy changes for you though. LV is cracking down on any free repairs unless it's a manufacturing defect or a VIP customer. And they are cracking down on paid repairs too so it's going to be so much harder for those of us who love a bargain here and there. The policy change is a rolling change which is expected to be implemented across the board worldwide soon according to my SA. I don't know if all SAs are even aware of it yet.

    If they say no though too, there are some great companies that do third party repairs on LV bags where you can mail them and get your bag back all fixed. That might be a great option for you to still consider.

    Sorry my thread is so long. It's late and I'm just thinking out loud and trying to help and think of everything. Ha ha! I hope it works out for you! Crossing fingers!!
  12. I have been searching for a preloved Speedy 30 for a while now and I can assure you that you can find a bag without any defects for a lot better price. That price is way too much for a broken bag! :tdown:

    Good luck with your search, I hope that you will find your perfect bag soon! :smile:

  13. This is what I am worried about. Yes, I have purchased a bag and 4 slgs in the past month from LV online and over the phone in the last month, but I definitely don't have any kind of relationship with an SA. The store that has the bag says that another customer was looking at the bag and went to open it and it separated. They called the owner and it sounded like she wasn't very surprised, possibly she had tried to fix it and that's why there is so much glue? Because it does look like it had been glued now that I think about it. The glue extended almost to the top of the Chad or above. Hmmm....

  14. The new policy isn't just whether you have purchased any items, it means the specific bag you are trying to get repaired, and they are going to start tracking and matching date codes.

    Sounds like someone tried to repair this bag. I'm guessing if you look closely you may find a crack or tear. Even if there isn't one, if a third party attempted a repair with glue, LV will be able to tell that easily and they will not touch the bag as far as repair. So sorry. Your only choice may end up being some sort of cobbler or third party repair option.
  15. Ok, now I agree with everyone else, that is way overpriced for a damaged bag, even if the repair was free as reported.