Is this fixable?

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  1. I have a madison op art wristlet and have used it to work for a couple of weeks... however yesterday i pick it up and the wrist strap dislocated @ broke @ disconnect (for lack of better terms).. I attached it back but now it will break with the slightest force. I cannot carry my wristlet by the strap anymore and is very disappointed. Is there any way to fix this? :cry::cry::cry:

  2. No, just take it to Coach. They will send it in for repair or replace it, depending on how old it is.
  3. it's new..i just got it last so sad because i baby my bags...
  4. No need to be sad, they'll take care of it for you! It probably wasn't connected right or something.
  5. Ok thanks..! I'm keeping my fingers crosses for smooth sailing replacement of the strap..
  6. Definitely send that in for repair! Luckily, that is an easy issue for Coach to fix and they will likely just replace the dogleash clip for you. I wouldn't mess with trying to fix it myself. Good luck!
  7. yes definitely Coach can repair it for you,,try to see if they can do an exchange since it looks kinda like a defect??
  8. Thx everyone for the suggestion! :urock: