Is this fixable at all?

  1. Hi all... I won a pair from eBay a few days ago, and I just got them today. I was disappointed because the shoes seem a bit defective.
    I have emailed the seller indicating the defects, but she hasn't replied yet.

    I want to know if it is fixable at all? In that case, I think I would just keep these and avoid the hassle.
    BTW, the pic shows the front of the platform on the very prives and only one shoe is like this. The other one is fine.

    What do you think?
  2. I have the VP in green with gold tip and they are just a bit scuffed up but not wrinkly like this. Its probably just a defect or what happens to them after a lot of wear. Ive only wore mine a hand full of times, so im not sure if thats the case.
    Maybe if you take a really hot blowdryer to it and smooth it out with your finger?
    Take a model pic...maybe you cant even notice it.
    It would bother me too. Hopefully the seller can give you some $$ back considering they probably didnt mention it in the listing.
  3. ^^Thanks for your input Stinas.
    These were "New In Box" and "in perfect condition." And the other shoe is fine which makes this shoe look a bit different.
    I will hold off on your blowdryer suggestion until I hear back from the seller... but that's a good idea.
  4. my black patent VPs with gold tips are exactly like that and i felt weird about the wrinkled up gold tips but then thought they would be this way when i wear them as well. i got them brand new from a shoe boutique here so i trust that they're okay?? :s
  5. I'm not a shoe expert but I am a chartered mechanical engineer and I would say that it looks like the normal crinkling you would get from the compression of the toe area as you walk. As the toe area compesses the material does also.

    In this case the front of the toe has not fully expanded back, which would have straighened it out again. I might expect that after a period of time wearing them but not straight away!
  6. Actually those are quite normal from my experiences with CL shoes that have metallic peep-toe's or made of metallic specchio leather. Even the ones still brand new in box at the boutiques/dept. stores have minor signs of scuffing on the metallic SA said that even the process of shipping them from Italy or transporting them from point A to point B would cause those scuffs on the metallic part.....sort of like an inevitable phenomenon with CL metallics.
  7. Thanks everyone for your reply.

    foxycleopatra - I am not at all concerned about scuffing. It has to do with the fact that one shoe has wrinkles while the other shoe has smooth surface, making the wrinkles more noticeable. I think if both shoes were like this it would not bother me so much because there is a uniformity...
  8. Oh I see what you mean now....honestly I did not even notice the wrinkles on there till you pointed them out. That is most likely a result of CL's manufacturing/production/treatment process for their specchio metallic leather -- with the specchio metallics I've encountered quite a few cases of these so-called non-"uniformities" actually.
  9. ^^Yeah, I think if the other shoe had the same wrinkly surface, I may not even have noticed it.
  10. ^ same problem. one shoe is smooth, the other side is wrinkled. i think the smooth side looks like it's gonna move over to the wrinkled side too.. lol
  11. ^^ladydeluxe, I don't know if it's weird or what, but it makes me feel a lot better to know that your VPs are like that...haha. Is the wrinkle pretty much the same as mine? If you have a pic, do you mind sharing them? Thanks!
  12. ^ yea similar.. the wrinkles are pretty similar... i would take a pic when i take them out again!