is this fendi spy auth?

  1. I am not very confident on authenicating fendis, but there is a sticky at the top of this forum specially for authenticating fendi bags.
  2. Hi thanks for link lilvivi...From the pics on the Thai website you found it does look to be real. I would definately ask for more photos, particularly of the grain in the leather. Please also see this exact bag currently on eBay. Here's the link: eBay: NEW CONDITION AUTHENTIC FENDI MINI SPY BAG PURSE (item 290019631843 end time Aug-25-06 11:03:53 PDT)
    It is totally stunning and worth it. Personally, if you did like this bag, I would buy the one above from eBay rather than a 2nd hand Thai website. It's just a bit safer. Good luck!