Is this Fendi Just Weird or What?

  1. A0431039612740_v1_m56577569831199641.jpg
  2. Yeah, any of those single buckles look awkward but I've not seen one IRL, so I reserve the right to change my mind and fall in love!
  3. VERY STRANGE! Looks like a tampon holder ...LOL! SORRY- couldnt resist!(VERY FANCY ONE ...THAT IS!!!!!)
  4. Its a door knocker!
  5. it looks lonely without the other half.
  6. That's one I hadn't thought of! I found it on the Saks website!
  7. I agree with you girl. It is totally freaky looking. yikes!
  8. Between the comment and the look on the dogs face, I am laughing out loud. My husband always thinks it's weird when I laugh alone at he computer!
  9. Yikes!
  10. Although I love the Fendi B-bags, I can't stand the embellished ones. And I hate the single buckle ones too. So this bag gives me 2 reasons to hate it!
  11. It looks like a big eye looking at you. :sad:
  12. ..... I'm gonna stick with the Spy :smile:
  13. :nuts: