Is this Fall Metallic Black 30227?

  1. Help... have anyone seen the fall book? is this a metallic black? My SA said this bears a code of 30227, for size 227. Can anyone confirm this as the picture is a bit distorted.. thanks so much. I need to confirm order with my SA.....thanks thanks.[​IMG]
  2. that is the metallic black, but 30227 is the style number (hence size 227, from the last 3 digits), not the color code
  3. Thanks hikarupanda...
  4. This bag looks kinda long to be the reissue, but the product number seems correct... Maybe it's just the photo..
  5. its probably the flash thats making the bag look so shiny!
  6. Yeap guess so... thanks guys.
  7. shoot!! I asked for the jumbo size but the code didnt end with 227!! I'll have to fix that tmr...
  8. Hi...what was the code given to you?
  9. I dont remember exactly. But i'm sure it didn't end with 22x. But my SA was sure it was the "jumbo" size. humm...maybe i'll just waitlist for both to be sure!!
  10. I hope your SA will get you the right bag as usually the biggest size for Timeless classic will be referred to as JUMBO and the big sizes in reissues are usually referred to as 227 or 228..
  11. IceEarl,

    May I know your SA information? Will u order the metallic black 227 from your SA? Thanks!
  12. Looks like almost the same as the Black Patent Reissue!
  13. Sigh this is such a beautiful bag, I am so in love even though I've never seen it in real life! Does anyone else have more pics???
  14. This is a pic posted by one of TPFers, it's from one of the trunck shows in Seattle I think: