Is this fake paddy?

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  1. My friend showed this paddy foto for me and we wondered if it's real or fake chloe. I personally think it's fake because the lock is too shiny..What do you think?
  2. ???? no pics???
  3. OH... I forget to resize... thanks
  4. Awfule fake - post these things in the authenticate forum and you will get more help :smile:
  5. oh... thanks bellacherie... :smile:
  6. Yes... definitely a bad fake!!!
  7. Yup.. I compare with the one I have (on my avatar) and it looks so different from the pic I found... But I'm new paddy baby,so I thought I might be wrong.. Thanks for ur confirm, ladies ;)
  8. oh my gosh. that bag is so fake. the lock is so shiny eewwwww disgusting.
  9. Please post all authenticity questions in the "Authenticate this Chloe" in the Chloe Shopping subforum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.