Is this fake Jimmy Choo?

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  1. Please help authenticate this Jimmy Choo

    Item number: 110236553448[​IMG]
  2. I answered you in the other thread, but this is the best place for the correct answer. I'm going with fake.
  3. Val555,
    Yes that is a Fake!:tdown:

    Also if you would please post future "authenticate this Jimmy Choo" in this thread here it will not get lost and not answered:tup:.

    Sorry about that one being a Fake but at least 95% of the Jimmy CHoo's on EBAY are Fakes!:cursing:

    This why I call them Jimmy Foo's!

    On a lighter note welcome to the Jimmy Choo Forum where the Greatest:heart: and Best:heart: and most Helpful:heart: ladies hang out and help!

    And then there is me. (The DH that came for help in buying a Jimmy Choo and never left!):upsidedown:

  4. Please say you are not the one who bid on this horrible fake!
  5. Thank you very much ladies you been very helpful.
    And no I did not bid on this bag.
  6. wow, that's an amazing looking fake. I'd say who cares if it is fake LOL
  7. I really hope that you are kidding about "who cares if it is a fake LOL".:confused1:

    :tup:The reality is that we all care here and I hope that you do also!:tup:
    Fake Designer Handbags or whatever else they copy is just plain Wrong and Illegal both!:cursing:
    If you do real feel that way I sorry to hear that.:sad:

  8. Amazing only because it is such a bad fake! :cursing: The leather looks like plether, almost every logo is wrong and no one who has ever seen a real Choo would think this is real. You will stand out in a crowd with this one-- but for the wrong reason.