is this fair?

  1. so on LJ i was a part of an auction for a tan pg dolce. while this whole thing was going on (which has been a couple days) i never realized that me and the seller had a big time difference (different time zones). so at 11:59pm before the auction ended i had no idea what to do, so i left a bid (thinking the other girl did too, and wondering why the seller didnt inform me) and went to bed. then now i wake up and see she left me two messages, saying that it was 11 something in HER timezone and that i was the highest offer, then another saying that the bidder left 2 offers, one above the one i gave and another a little higher just in case.

    is this really fair? i wish i had known, and this is one of the rare times i get to splurge on a toki since my parents are buying it for me for my birthday. im so upset.....:crybaby:
  2. It can't hurt to try contacting the seller with this story and seeing if it's not too late to put in a higher bid.
  3. i'd definitely contact her and explain the situation. see what happens.
  4. Sorry to hear about that happening to you, googlygrape -it would've been good if they told you there was a time difference.
    Personally, I kind of don't like how the LJ forum has become seems like it's turning into eBay rather than being more like a trading/sell place for toki fans. Don't get me wrong, I don't agree w/people posting about wanting to buy NWT bags at below retail (duh!), but the last few postings have just seemed really crazy in terms of how much $ is being listed.
    You'll get a chance at another tan pg b/c there is always someone trading/selling -just be positive & patient. I actually think prices for bags will go up when the line ends, but fall way-down a year after on eBay (how I've heard LAMB bags did when they had a LeSportsac collaboration), so you might get a great deal in the end, afterall.
  5. yeah i contacted the seller, and im just gonna see what happens. i just feel horrible because this is the one time i could splurge. i donno how often tan PG dolces come up so yea

    im so sad :sad:
  6. ok im going to speak the one that won. I had no idea that it was you that made an offer because it doesnt say who had the highest offer on lj. All the seller did was email me on what was the highest offer NOT who. As for the timezone issue, I asked her specifically what time and her location so I can schedule myself on when to offer HER time. I did my part on asking questions....
  7. vmasterz- this wasnt an attack on you or anything, i understand. i emailed her but then i realized that it was my fault for not asking. congrats on the bag tho! hahahaha. its really cute, the back placement is adorable!
  8. oh yea, im also pretty new to this so i never know when to ask questions about time zones and stuff
  9. i know..i just feel a bit sad cuz youre upset..and just wanted to explain what happened..i made sure i was following her time because i really wanted to win a high price too :push: but i love the print placement :biggrin: thanks!
  10. i sent u an email btw vmasterz
  11. I agree, I haven't been a member of the community for long, but its become more like that recently. I noticed that someone was asking a LOT for a bag last night or the other night, and I was pretty much like :wtf:
  12. I agree...unfortunately you have to ask the questions ahead of time. I'm sad that you're sad, though, Googly. :sad: But another one will come along and maybe your parents offer will still stand! :yes:

  13. Yeah I don't like it either - people are starting their own auctions like "Oh email me with your best offers and I'll consider the highest one cuz im so greedy I wanna see what I can get for my bag" type of things.

    If you wanna do an auction, go to ebay! It's supposed to be a selling & trading forum, easy as that. You have an item, you suggest what you want for it or ask for best offers. Don't price gouge simply because u know people are willing to pay certain prices for bags! :cursing:
  14. I noticed that too. It's been that way lateley. Email me with your offers etc.. Oh well.. i try to keep away from those unless i REALLY want the bag that bad. LOL.. I noticed alot of people are letting go of their HTFs too!
  15. I totally agree. I don't like the whole auction thing on lj. I don't have an issue with people wanting to sell their bags for the highest possible amount if someone is willing to pay for it. I just don't like how an auction is run on lj. I just don't think it's efficient.