is this even possible to happen on a sunglasses?

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  1. ok this is so weird, i am wearing my sunnies outside walking and there was a day last week that it was cooler than normal here in WI, and the left lens of my sunnies started to get foggy/misty!! but then when i removed it, it immediately goes away.

    this afternoon too (btw, it's perfectly sunny, summer day today) again, while inside the commuter bus with the a/c on, it got misty again on my left lens!! then when i'm on my way home, took a bus again with a/c on, it didn't get foggyand the a/c both on the buses that i took are on full blast!! it is so weird and i know it's not supposed to happen! your thoughts on this pls?
  2. I have no idea if this has anything to do with it, but if I wear my prescription glasses and if a go from a colder to a warmer place (for example from outside in the winter into a busy pub) both my lenses get completely foggy. I have to take them off and rub the fog off or I can"t see a thing
  3. It is probably because your left lens sits slightly closer to your face than the right, and whether it gets foggy or misty is going to depend on how warm you are and whether you are perspiring or not. The change in temperature on the outside of the lens when you walk into an air conditioned area will cause condensation, just as normal daytime temperatures can even cause condensation if you are perspiring. It IS normal, but it doesn't happen with all sunglasses; it depends on how close the lenses are to parts of your face (some are closer to the eyebrow area, while others are closer to the cheeks or the bridge of the nose), and it depends on your constitution (I often get too warm, and my lenses fog up ALL the time).
  4. anl1 and hautemama, thanks for the response i do appreciate it, yes, the left side of my sunnies sits closer on my left cheek than the right one, wow! i never knew that and i sound stupid now lol!!! thank you for that info