Is this even possible? Low-sodium BBQ sauce?

  1. I was talking to my mom today about going to a BBQ this weekend and she was saying how she doesn't like eating BBQ because she finds the BBQ sauce super salty (she has to watch her salt intake) and she was asking if there is such a thing as low-sodium BBQ sauce in a I got to there? I don't ever recall seeing anything like that.
  2. I found this recipe... Low Sodium Living BBQ Sauce.
    I'm not sure how good it is, but it's worth a try. Being prego I watch my sodium intake constantly as well. So much stuff is just loaded with salt. It's crazy. But if she trys this... let me know how it is! I love A1 but try to steer clear of that because of the salt. Many hot sauces are loaded too. I found Tabasco only has 1% per teaspoon. I think that's the lowest I've come across.
  3. ILuvMyHusband: thanks for the recipe! I will try that sometime. Since I'm lazy I'm hoping that one day they'll have the BBQ sauce in the bottle :smile:
  4. I have not seen one in a bottle, I think you may have go homemade, but that shouldn't be too hard, some tomato sauce or paste (check the sodium), spices, brown sugar or honey...not much to bar-b-que sauce, really...