Is this even legal?

  1. [​IMG]

    Not sure why she woulnd't centre the LV's ...
  2. Huh...good question! Where are our lawyers? LOL
  3. werid.
  4. My question is, why would you want to destroy a perfectly good scarf? Oh well.
    And I don't believe that it's legal because it's still using LV's logo on something they obviously didn't create.
  5. I do think it looks good though :graucho:
  6. I don't think it's legal. She's still using the LV...
    and i don't think it looks THAT nice...
  7. things that aren't symmetrical are terribly disturbing to the eyes....
  8. I dont like it.
  9. :lol:
  10. Not too much of a fan- but love the idea of turning a scarf into a ponytail scarf with a headband......
  11. im pretty sure its legal...i mean they arnt saying LV made it...but just that they are using lv materials for it!! I think i just said this in another thread, but to me its the same as buying swaroski crsytals and making a necklace and then saying "made with swaroski crystals" one said swaroski made it...!!!

    and im guessing its not centered because they used the scarf for more than one and that may just have been the runt of the pack ;) hehe
  12. I think if it had been straighter it would look better, doesn't really look all that aesthetically pleasing imo
  13. Yeah, I think it's legal. I agree it would've been cuter with the LV's centered. But I kinda like it...
  14. No, as far as know, it is still copyright infringement. Only Louis Vuitton is authorized to make and sell things out of Louis Vuitton fabric. She is using the LV logo without permission, therefore it is illegal. Even is she does say that LV didn't make it, it doesn't matter.
    I can imagine the lady with the head-to-toe fake LV outfit and crazy nails from that "fashion don't" website wearing this.