Is this enough to send in for repair? Need advice PLEASE!

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I've never sent anything in for repair yet and I was just inspecting my Juniper bag and noticed the peeling resin. I know that some of you have sent some of your Legacy bags in for repair and I need some advice from the experts!

    Would you say that this is enough to send in for repair? TIA!!

  2. I would send her...I sent in a bag once because a small thread was coming undone, they fixed it good as new! Best to make it better now before it gets worse IMO.
  3. I agree with the above. You dont want it to get it worse and break.
  4. my large sig carly did the same thing and i was told i could send it in, so i would say go for it...
  5. I would send it too. That would make me a tad nervous.
  6. I had that happen recently to my Legacy shoulder bag, and I sent it in for repair. They couldn't fix it. I would send it in. Hopefully they can fix it, and if not I think you can request it be sent back to you. You might be able to find a leather shop that can fix it. I am personally baffled that Coach can't fix what appears to be such a simple issue.
  7. Just send it in....if they are unable to repair it they will send it back and give you a 40% coupon for a future its a win win..but that looks like something that they can repair..go for it!:tup:
  8. Thanks everyone for your imput. I really appreciate it.
  9. ITA. I would think since they still use this resin on current bags that it would be an easy fix. I thought I saw someone sending a bag in for resin peeling. Just wasn't sure how bad it was. Thanks.
  10.'re poor Juniper Legacy bag. :hugs:It's such a lovely colour. I hope they fix it and return it to you good as new.
  11. I had sent my Mandy in since it was doing the same thing, 6 weeks and $20 dollars later, it was a no go, they could not fix it. But I still use her , gently. The thing that bugs me is that I used the mandy maybe 20 times since I bought her 2 years agao, and the trim still fell apart, I can't imagine what she would look like if she was my everyday bag.....
  12. Returned 2 so far, for the same issue of sealant problems. Neither repairable.
  13. Same problem on Gigi and no repair. Full price credit though! :smile:
  14. Oh no! So far so good(knock on wood) with my Gigi. Now that bag would upset me if it wasn't fixable.
  15. For some reason Coach won't repair sealant issues. You can send it in but you will either get a full credit and no bag back, or the bag and a 40% off credit letter to apply to a future purchase of one bag.