Is this enough chanel bags for me?

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  1. I have just bought my first chanel bags and im wondering if I should get them now before the prices increase. I m confused at which hardwares to get on my next bags.

    I currently have:

    the large black caviar with silver hardware
    GST in silver hardware
    reissue in grey medium size.

    Am i wanting to get:

    Red caviar in jumbo
    Black caviar in jumbo- in silver or gold hardware
    New beige in large- in silver or gold hardware
    white in large or jumbo in silver hardware.
    maybe black lambskin in gold hardware in medium

    please help me decide
  2. Hi! :smile: You have some fabulous bags!! :love: I guess it depends on whether or not you prefer one h/w over the other (all of your current bags have silver h/w)... it's really an individual choice. :smile: If it were me, I would get the following:

    - Red caviar Jumbo with silver h/w
    - Black caviar Jumbo with gold h/w (you have the medium with silver!)
    - New light beige with gold h/w (medium)
    - White Jumbo in silver h/w (you could get the medium if you want a dressy light bag with a different h/w option than the medium light beige)
    **I would pick different sizes for the white and light beige, so you have two different sized light flaps** (So white medium and light beige Jumbo, or white Jumbo and light beige medium).
    -Instead of getting a black lamb medium flap with gold h/w, I'd get a matte black reissue with gold h/w (or any other reissue... maybe a metallic if you like that look to add some diversity/fun)!

    Just my two cents... it really is an individual choice. :smile: You should decide what sizes in what color are best for you (i.e do you want a dressy white bag or a more casual one)?

    If I was going to get two bags now and wait to get the others (cuz that a lot of bags and $$$ all at once! :sweatdrop:), I'd try to track down a red caviar Jumbo (limited and harder to find than the others) and pick up the light beige caviar flap (medium or Jumbo). The others will be easier to find. :smile: Good luck! :flowers:
  3. You posted this in the shopping section already... I posted this there:

    I think you already have a lovely collection! I wouldn't rush to buy the bags, I haven't heard of a price increase comming up and you can enjoy them more when you buy them with space in between!

    Out of the ones you're thinking of getting this is my opinion:

    Red caviar Jumbo - Get silver hardware, I think it looks much classier and it would appear you already prefer silver.
    Black caviar Jumbo- I would choose gold hardware because you already have a black purse with silver hardware. Also I love the look of the jumbo with gold hardware much more!
    New beige large- What colour jewelry do you own more of? I would choose that however if your looking for variety, I would get the gold you don't have as much of that.
    White caviar with silver hardware - I like the white bags in the large, however if you find the jumbo more appropriate for your lifestyle by all means get that.
    Black lambskin in gold hardware in medium - You don't need this bag! Save that money and buy something in a fun colour or a black reissue with gold hardware.
  4. Totally agree!
  5. I would go with the already have 2 blacks.
  6. thanks for your input ladies. I think i will be tracking down the fuchsia in the jumbo with silver hardware, and most likey the beige in the medium. The beige over the white?
  7. Beige over white for sure!
  8. I would get either the beige clair or white for sure.
  9. I would think you have enough chanel bags, and can consider to go for Hermes now. because the money you saved from almost 3 Chanel bags can afford a Hermes bag. and they are totally at different level after you compared them closely.

    The quality of Chanel bags are not very good nowdays too. so after you had such great classic collections. If I were you, I will go for Hermes. This is what I plan to do now ( I have one reissue, one jumbo classic and one medium classic), and unless there is a chanl bag really catch my eye in future, I rather save money from Chanel for Hermes.
  10. I think it all about having key pieces rather than having a large quantity of items. As for me, all I want from Chanel is a black classic GST, a med black lambskin flap, and a matching wallet...and I'll be satisfied! :yes:
  11. black lambskin with ghw
  12. The red jumbo or the light beige jumbo (both with gold hw) would be lovely!
  13. My pick:
    1) 09C red caviar jumbo
    2) 09C light beige caviar jumbo or large
    3) others don't matter
  14. I think for the question of gold or silver hardware - you could either consider which colour of jewellery you wear most and match that, or view the bag with both colour hardware and just chose the hardware colour that suits the particular bag the most. The colour combinations recommended by the TFPers above are good and thoughtful.

    As for which bag to buy next in general, you could consider your current lifestyle and which bag you would most likely use a lot (this includes whether there is a gap in your bag collection) - e.g. a large bag for shopping vs a smaller bag for dinners.

    Also review the colours in your wardrobe. Consider which bags you're most likely to carry because they match more of your clothes and accessories in terms of colours or whether it's a warm/cool tone. Though, nothing wrong with buying new clothes afterwards to match the bag.... gives you another excuse to go do more shopping! ;)

    If all else fails, view them all in real life and see which one your heart takes to the most. Good luck with your choice and enjoy the shopping!
  15. I would go with a beige. It goes with a lot, and wouldn't clash with anything, really.
    I like a variety :yes: