Is this enough chanel bags for me?

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  1. I have just bought my first chanel bags and im wondering if I should get them now before the prices increase. I m confused at which hardwares to get on my next bags.

    I currently have:

    the large black caviar with silver hardware
    GST in silver hardware
    reissue in grey medium size.

    Am i wanting to get:

    Red caviar in jumbo
    Black caviar in jumbo- in silver or gold hardware
    New beige in large- in silver or gold hardware
    white in large or jumbo in silver hardware.
    maybe black lambskin in gold hardware in medium

    please help me decide
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    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    I think you already have a lovely collection! I wouldn't rush to buy the bags, I haven't heard of a price increase comming up and you can enjoy them more when you buy them with space in between!

    Out of the ones you're thinking of getting this is my opinion:

    Red caviar Jumbo - Get silver hardware, I think it looks much classier and it would appear you already prefer silver.
    Black caviar Jumbo- I would choose gold hardware because you already have a black purse with silver hardware. Also I love the look of the jumbo with gold hardware much more!
    New beige large- What colour jewelry do you own more of? I would choose that however if your looking for variety, I would get the gold you don't have as much of that.
    White caviar with silver hardware - I like the white bags in the large, however if you find the jumbo more appropriate for your lifestyle by all means get that.
    Black lambskin in gold hardware in medium - You don't need this bag! Save that money and buy something in a fun colour or a black reissue with gold hardware.
  3. Duplicate thread, closing.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.