Is this email from LV legit?


Jul 8, 2020
Hi everyone,

I reached out to Louis Vuitton today using their contact button on their website and received a reply from an employee, offering to allow me to join her personal client wait list for the bag I'm after. It's my first time that having an SA help me, so I'm super excited about that, but also kind of worried because I'm not sure how the process goes, or whether this is just a scam. Specifically, I'm worried it's a scam because the email doesn't end in, but instead ends in Would this be the same thing? or is it a spoof of the real domain?

I'm really hoping that it's a legit email, because if so, I'd LOVE to be able to have a SA help me with my inquiries.

Have you guys ever experienced an SA reaching out to you like this? What do you think of the email?
Thanks in advance!