Is this Ebay Seller truthworthy? "VIPFASIONS"

  1. Can somebody please help with this seller? I want to buy some items from this seller, I am not sure whether she is authetic or not; even though she is a super seller... It just make me feel safer if I get authentication from you ladies... :yes:

    eBay Store - designer: denim, jeans, shoes

    Please take a look and let me know if it is okay to purse...
    Thank you soo soo much~!!! :heart:
  2. They're fine. I bought a Botkier bag from them & it was authentic :yes:
  3. Acegirl, thank you so much~!! =) I am eyeing on a Botkier bag as well... Don't know if they are willing to lower the price a little... they don't really repond to my email...

    Thanks again for verifying..
  4. This seller looks ok!
    Good luck!
  5. I have ordered MANY items from this seller- all great!!!!!!!!:yes:

  6. No problem;) Good luck!
  7. Yup, am pretty sure they are legit. :smile: Haven't ordered anything, but have heard from a source they sell real 7FAM jeans.
  8. looks ok, but good to check them out first!
  9. i concur, vipfashions is awesome!
  10. Me too. I ordered 2 bags from them in the past and both were excellent and factory wrapped.
  11. Does anyone have any recent experience with VIPFashion?

    Seems like they were really good but lately they have a lot of negs for slow shipping, items out of stock, and lack of communication.
  12. Absolutely...positively YES...I have bought numerous bags from them...wonderful people!
  13. I bought an authentic bag, shipping was good and the bag was brand spanking new but they do not communicate. This is from my experience and I've read more of the same.
  14. yup have ordered from them before - reliable and most importantly authentic!
  15. They are known on denim forums for selling authentic jeans.