is this e/w or classic flap?

  1. it looks like e/w lambskin flap w/ new chain but not too sure. anyone know for sure???
    paris court.jpg
  2. pic or link?
  3. hehe sorry...first time i totally forgot to upload the pix. i guess i was just rushing myself wanting know what this bag was.
  4. it's an e/w with new chain, good luck in your search!
  5. i have been looking for this bag!!! where are you??
  6. It's the Paris Hilton Courthouse bag! :yahoo: I just bought this in jumbo size at Saks in Beverly Hills. Thanks for the picture. If you want my SA's information, let me know and I'll PM it to you.
  7. it looks lambskin to me...what you guys think???
  8. I think my SA told me it was lambskin.
  9. thnx ladydior~
  10. i have it and luv it. It's sooo soft:smile:
  11. have pix of your bag???
  12. I just bought the identical bag (E/W) but in caviar. I find it more durable.
  13. answer your question, this is definitely the east west.
  14. its a e/w lambskin!! Its beautiful~~I have been searching this bag everywhere~~
  15. guess its hard to find???