Is this dressy enough?

  1. I'm going to a grand opening gala for a new Nordstrom. It requests cocktail attire. I was thinking of wearing these Missoni pants I have and a dressy but plain black top. Is it "cocktail" enough? Borrowed pic of my pants from
  2. I think you will be underdressed in pants. Cocktail attire means a short dress (not mini, but above the knee and not work attire) for women.
  3. ^ Agreed! :yes:
  4. Ditto! Cocktail to me means cutsey dress!
  5. Agree. I think the pants are fashionable but not necessarily cocktail
  6. That's what I thought. Just trying to avoid shopping for something.
    Thanks everyone!
  7. Don't get so hung up about what is accepted. I think they are great and very floaty and would definitely work in London with a smart black top! Cocktail attire over here is the time to be creative with your look - so wear them.
  8. Ok so I'm assmuning your'e going to the Natick one...

    IF I'm right, I think you'd be just fine in the pants if you wear fancy shoes and a fancy bag. This is Massachusetts, not the fashion capital of the world, cocktail attire here means don't come in jeans and clogs.

    And if I'm wrong, nevermind :p
  9. :roflmfao: "don't come in jeans and clogs"
    No, actually, there's one opening here in Michigan this month too. Also not the fashion capital of the world, however.